Sunday, March 04, 2018

Dear Inthe... Is it a sin for women to wear pants

Dear Inthe,
I am a Born again guy and I have a question bothering my heart; is it acceptable for women to wear pants/trousers?
Seriously seeking.

Hey SS,
First of all, can I say how much I love hearing from my male readers. Yes, Inthemidstofher is a hotspot for the girls but my brothers are ALWAYS welcome! Lol... Let's get down to business and as always, I invite God into this conversation.

Women and pants...*sigh*
So this is a topic that has thrown people into a mild state of panic for a number of years. Women have been ostracized, ridiculed and have had their faith questioned for decades over this one issue.

Maud, portrait in her kitchen

Is it biblical for women to wear pants?  Let's deal with the elephant in the room: 

Duet 22:5. A woman must not wear men's clothing, nor a man wear women's clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this.

There are churches practically built on the misinterpretation of this scripture and have not allowed women in pants to even sit in the sanctuary. Let's dig a bit deeper. 

What exactly is "Men's clothing"? In biblical times were there pants for men's and dresses for women? No, everyone wore robes but the distinction of what was feminine or masculine was based in the style of the robe. Just as it is today. There are different designs that make outfits particular to one gender; making it apparent that these are feminine or masculine. Let's look at a modern day example. The Scottish people have the century long tradition of wearing Kilts. These are skirts like outfits that culturally are considered masculine but also has the feminine version women wear. So it's a skirt that has a male variant as well as a female one. 

So what was the intent of the scripture? My favorite preacher always says we need to "dissect scripture with scripture".

Duet:18 v9: When you enter the land the Lord your God is giving you, do not learn to imitate the detestable ways of the nations there.

 One repeated command in the bible was for Israel not to mix with heathens or worship their gods. Historically, Israel had neighbors that had culture conducts that displeased God. For example, the Moabs sacrificed their own children to their gods while some other nations took up cross dressing (I.e men wearing women's clothing, make up etc) and stood as prostitutes at pagan ceremonies and at the temples of gods. This was a form of worship used by Israel's neighbors and an abomination to God. To my understanding, God is saying do not wear clothes pertaining to the other sex, that is; men, dont go around dressing/acting like a woman  and vice versa.

drag queen
So to answer your question, I do NOT believe it's a sin for women to wear pants; but I think modesty ( appropriate fitting, length, material etc) should be kept in mind at all times.


Sunday, September 17, 2017

My Marriage; Lessons Learnt So Far....

As I draw nearer to my another anniversary of being married to the hubster, I find myself in a very reflective mood.  Time has flown by so quickly and I am amazed at God's goodness in my  life. In the time I've been married, I've seen marriages older and younger than mine crumble. I have seen couples I swore would last forever and a day turn into each other's greatest enemy but in the midst of it all, God has been faithful to his word; that if I trusted him in choosing my spouse, I would never regret it.


...and I haven't.

I know you have heard me say this a few times but love is not enough to keep you married. Yes, its that hot, fast, overwhelmingly beautiful, intoxicating notion that might have brought you before the altar but if you think for a second, it will keep you there, you are far mistaken.  As the hubs and I grow older together, and now live a life full of babies,  PTA meetings, lesson plans, doctor appointments, summer camps and crayons, we've found that we've had to adjust the way we love each other. Once upon a time, we could lounge in bed, spooning the day away but as of lately,  saturday mornings find us on opposite sides of the bed with little ones ones crammed  in between us.
Balancing Act
As a woman, I think the changes were much noticeable with me. The struggle of juggling motherhood, doctorhood, wifeyhood, small business owner-hood in simultaneous perfection leaves me exhausted and I noticed the hubster was suffering for it. I'm a perfectionist and it is one of the best - and worst- things about me. I often find myself struggling to give my best to everything and thus leaving the hubs with absolutely nothing of me.  Tired of it all, I went back to the source.

Habakkuk 2:2: And the Lord answered me, "Write the vision, make it plain..."
I realized that I had to view my marriage as a project, a business of sort; and like every project, we needed a vision and a plan set in order to accomplish the vision.  I couldn't just sit and build all yamayama and hope somehow that the end product would be what I desired. I had to head back to my manipulation days.  Here are some things God has laid on my heart to improve and strengthen my marriage:

1- Intentionality.
I can't emphasize this more. After all this while, I've had to become more intentional with loving the hubs.  I realized that I was becoming lazy with expressing my love and many times, I've left him questioning my heart. Complacency is a killer of intimacy - it will dry you out before you know it. So nowadays, I compliment him on his looks, on the way he helps me.
Dad help me! For example, if the hubs goes grocery shopping for me; my flesh is like " Why thank him? Shebi you will both eat it?"  but the spirit in me, the one who realizes that besides him breaking cultural norms, he is doing me a service, makes  it a point to be intentional with my make a big deal out of it, to let him "hear" my heart instead of me relying on him "knowing it".

2- Make him a big deal.
A lot of times, I come home before he does.  Once I hear the garage door opening, the kids know we all run to the door to greet him.  He loves opening the door to tiny hands and sticky smiles screaming " Daddy!" "Daddy".  It lets him know we are happy to have him home and he is welcome to mentally, emotionally, physically decompress in a safe space.  I love the hubs through my children.
familyThe way I train them to treat him is a reflection of the love I have for him.  I want the kids to see him for the man he is, that mommy loves him and that he is an example of what godly manhood looks like.  Now that we have a daughter ( Oh yeah....SURPRISE LOL) I need my marriage to be a blueprint of what  is possible.  I want her and her dad to be as thick as thieves and the best of friends.

3- Sex.... Sex.... and more sex
A marriage needs sex.... and lots of it.
I've found sex to be not only a way to  feel good but a way to communicate your respect, emotional needs and a source of comfort.  After a long day, sex may be the last thing on my mind but  part of intentionality is  making time for it when it might be inconvenient. So whether is it a late night "drive by" or sending the kids to the gradma's for the weekend, I need to make it happen.

*sigh*... I love me some hubs. I wanna grow old in his arms.

...Musings from atop the potter's wheel.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Open Letter....

**Its been a while! I apologize but life has been happening at ultrafast supersonic speed and I’ve been holding on for dear life. I keep getting notifications of people still following me on twitter and I’m like “Me dat haven’t posted in 10 years” but praise God for his grace. Thank you to everyone who emailed, tweeted and such both asking of me and encouraging me to put up a post. So MUCH has changed in my personal life and there are some things I would love to share. Let me first sha, throw this post up and by his grace, I will be back soon with a update post. Much love and his blessings to you all***.

John 8 vs 32...Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Dear Sis,
Thank you for writing to me. I remember the first time I posted a "Dear Inthe Q" and the first time you ever wrote to me. I thank you and bless God for a chance to be used by him. Although, it has always been the other way round, today, I am taking the initiative in writing to you.

All Stamped Up with No Place to Go

A few things have been on my heart and I really want to share with you. As always, I pray God's words, not mine, be spoken. Isn't love and marriage the craziest of things? That is exactly what I want to share with you. I have noticed a lot of falsehood being shared as truth and I want to remind you of the things we have discussed through the years.

1)Love should not hurt
Sorrows of a Broken Heart

I know mommy and aunty might have told you that some pain in love is normal; I've been told the same. He might hit you or hurt you with his words or control you with fear but such things have always been and will always be. Sis, that is not true. You can enjoy a life of love without pain or fear. You hide your bruises and stay with your boyfriend because you think the purity of your love or the frequency of sex will change him someday but if he hurts you now, he will, without fail, hurt you then. Marriage in of itself has nothing to offer you but what you put into it.

2)Sex without a ring is sin
I know you tried to wait but he's been pushing you and your friends laughing at you. On good days, he tells you if you really love me, you would be willing to express it.  On bad days, he accuses you of giving it to someone else. If that's not hard enough, your friends shame you calling you SU, old school or Mother Teresa.  Truth is, they wish they had what you have. Sis, let me remind you that any form of sex i.e. vaginal, oral or anal is a sin.  Be it the first day you meet or the night before your wedding; regardless, unless vows are exchanged. It is a sin. Don't believe the hype that commitment  is the same thing as a ring or loyalty can replace wedding vows. Know yourself and whom it is you’re promise.

3)You are incomplete without a ring
Loving You
This is probably the biggest lie of all. I know you turned 30 yesterday. Amid the cake and festivity, there were also tears. You are 30 without a ring or even a suitor on the horizon. Yes your career is on track, personal ministry on point and have had the joy of fulfilling friends and relationships but the constant reminder is that you, accolades and all, are still single. You may think its easy for me to say, as I’m married with children, but also remember that I speak from experience. Regardless of what the world tells you, remember that You....YOU, are enough, plain and simple. You are the apple of your father’s eye and if you only had a glimpse of what he has in store for you, it would take your breath away. Love yourself and all the odds and ends you contain. Find your worth in his love and not the rubbish the world spits at you.

I love you... and you know where to find me.

Musings from atop the potter’s wheel.....

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dear Inthe...Whom do I follow?

Hello Inthemidstofher,

I have been following your blog for a while now, I remember reading your posts right from age 22 till now (currently 26) and admiring how God-centered your advice has always been. I always thought that if I had a relationship dilemma, I would like the input of a Biblical centered sister as yourself to advise. My first relationship was when I was around 19 and with someone I had known since I was 7. I remembered praying and thinking he was the one but finally after a fast one summer, I realized God said No when he broke up with me. I was hurt and felt misled by God, but I now know that he was never the one for me. I met someone, unlike me, he is from a broken family and he is still coming up in his career. Together, we have been praying together in our relationship and we have had ups and downs and I have seen him stick to his words, I have also seen in him a desire to keep growing in his relationship in Christ - while he isn't always in Church, he does believe in Christ and he has encouraged me during down times either emotionally, when I need prayers or just someone to carry my groceries, run errands etc.


Now comes my dilemma, my mother and father do not want this relationship. My mother has been warning me off it, it has gotten so bad these past couple of days - I am so tired of fighting my parents - mind you, my parents and I NEVER EVER fight (I am a first born and your stereotypical goody-too-shoes child). My mum and I live together, so she has seen him a couple of times. Her reasons are that he is 8 months younger than me, although he is Nigerian, he is from a diff tribe and grew up here (abroad) and raised here by a single mum so she says because of that he could walk away from me anytime and will not understand our culture (we are from different tribes), she says he still has a long way to go and that she doesn't want to see me suffer in life and that this is her motherly instinct (Mind you he is currently applying to go to law school). Additionally, she says she is not comfortable with his family background and that she just doesn't see us together (my parents are always one in accord and both share these sentiments). I have kept trying to convince her that even though yes, I have reservations about his family background as well but that is not something we can reasonably hold against him (he was a child when his parents split up), I have also told her that he has never treated me questionably. You know, because of my parents' doubts, I find myself beginning to have doubts and holding him to microscopic lenses and questioning everything he does - it is crazy because it is not fair to him. I know I am to honor my parents, I also believe that one way God can speak to us is through our families, so I keep wondering if this is a sign of God's disapproval of my relationship*. 
Wondering heart
*Edited for privacy and brevity

Dear Wondering Heart.
Thank you so much for the blog love! Wow, you've been following me for four whole years; I can't believe I've been blogging that long. I give God the glory for this gift because I truly enjoy it.
Let's get down to business....
You said: My first relationship was when I was around 19 and with someone I had known since I was 7. I remembered praying and thinking he was the one but finally after a fast one summer, I realized God said No when he broke up with me. I was hurt and felt misled by God... 


 Before I get to  the heart of your question, I have to address this. No matter where you go, whether you take my advice or not. Whether you become a married woman or  leave for heaven still single. Please don't ever...ever feel God is capable of misleading you. The bible says "...God is light and in him no darkness at all..." God will NEVER mislead you because just as its impossible for the Devil to bless you; it is absolutely impossible for God to mislead you. You realized after a fast that your ex wasn't for you? Did you fast before the relationship started? I don't want to beat a dead horse because that relationship is now irrelevant but  know if God is big enough to serve, he is big enough to trust.

You said: Now comes my dilemma, my mother and father do not want this relationship. Her reasons are that he is 8 months younger than me, although he is Nigerian, he is from a diff tribe and grew up here (abroad) and raised here by a single mum so she says because of that he could walk away from me anytime and will not understand our culture. Additionally, she says she is not comfortable with his family background and that she just doesn't see us together.
 In your statement, you gave me what your mother thinks, what your father thinks and what you, yourself, think. What I'm yet to hear is what God thinks.  Have you prayed about this relationship. I mean honestly poured out your heart to God to inquire if he is the one or not. That prayer and it's answer will dictate your next step.  If God assures you he is the one, well to be blunt, it really doesn't matter what anyone, parents included says. Now please don't get me wrong, this is the hard part and a part I myself struggle with; but God's truth is God's truth regardless of whether we believe it or not.


In a previous post, I wrote about God being  more concerned with one's walk with him than about one's  tribes. Look at the bible, God commanded the Israelites to marry within themselves and not foreigners for only one reason: The foreigners did not know him. If God was against non-israelites just for the sheer fact that they were not born Jews, Ruth and Rahab would not be in the lineage of our Lord Jesus Christ. The second, they accepted him, they became as worthy as the Israelites. Another thing I notice are your parent's reasons are all factors he had absolutely nothing to do with! Just as he couldn't choose when and where he was born, he couldn't influence his tribe or his parents marital status. Are your parents Christian? What do they think of him as a man and his walk?

You said: You know, because of my parents' doubts, I find myself beginning to have doubts and holding him to microscopic lenses and questioning everything he does - it is crazy because it is not fair to him. 

Absolutely not fair to him. Going back and forth opens him up to a lot of criticism; much of which is undeserving. Remember the bible says a man of double mind  and unstable in all they do.

You said: I know I am to honor my parents, I also believe that one way God can speak to us is through our families, so I keep wondering if this is a sign of God's disapproval of my relationship.


 Yes, you are to honor your parents but be obedient to God.  Another hard but true part. I am a fellow Nigerian so I know how close to gospel our parents words are, but as a child of God, my obligation first and foremost is to be obedient to God. If God is saying he is the one, your allegiance lies with God,  regardless of what your parents say. This is why you have to be sure of what God is asking of you and even if God is telling you contrary to your parents, you take every step with respect and honor to them still. if God is against your relationship, he wont need to tell you through your parents; unless he see you are not listening to what he is telling you himself.

 Woman Praying

Sister girl. Marriage is huge! I can tell you it can impact your walk in ways NOTHING else can.  Go back to God, start there and figure out what exactly he is saying about your relationship. This word will direct your steps.

You know where to find me.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Battlefield of Attraction....

It's a slow fade when you give yourself away. It's a slow fade when black and white have turned to gray. Thoughts invade, choices are made, a price will be paid; when you give yourself away. People never crumble in a day...daddies never crumble in a day....Families never crumble in a day
                                       - Casting Crowns (Slow Fade) 

A little while back, I was talking to a dear guy friend of mine (Shout outs to Enyan mi!) who is currently pursuing this girl. He's a man of honor and really wants to do the whole "love" thing the right way. As he's seeking this girl's heart, he confided in me that the girl has a friend who is unconsciously piquing his interest as well.  Even though his sights are on the girl, there are one or two things about the girl's friend that grabs his attention as well.  As we were gisting about his situation, I shared what I felt might help. In the process, I also shared my story.....

As a doctor, I can go from " Hi, My name is Dr. Inthe.. to " please take off your clothes" in a matter of minutes. Quite a delicate situation to be in right? A while back, I had a patient, a male, who came in for something routine. We were talking and discussing the treatment plan when I realized something...there was something about him I found extremely attractive. For the sake of transparency, I did not see him naked and I can say in all honesty, it wasn't like I wanted to sleep with him, but I knew if I was single, and he asked me out, I would probably say yes.


As a woman, there are things you found attractive in your mate; so what do you do if you find the same things in a person who isn't your mate? The truth of the matter is that goodness, beauty, loyalty, spirituaity and all the other things that drew you to your mate is not copy written to him; he doesn't own it. If you look far and wide enough, you'll find the same traits in another person.

 So I did what I had to do; I told the hubster. I didn't wait till i was home ooh, as I finished work for the day and jumped into my car, I spoke to him on the phone.

"Babes, I saw this guy today, he had x and y, I thought he was very attractive."

Lets pause for a while....

Now a lot of women are screaming "You told him? You told your husband you found another guy attractive?'

Yup! I did! Why? Because the mind and heart are the jump off points for everything you do. Have you ever woken up in another state without knowing how you got there? Nope! You plan everything you do in your mind and heart before undertaking it. If  I was to step out on the hubster, it would start in my mind and heart and I was NOT giving the devil any leeway. There will always be forbidden fruit, the question is what do you do with it?

taste of forbidden fruit.

Wanna know something else? The hubster tells me stuff too.

A little while back, this single attractive chick co-worker invited him  to work out together. Hubster said she is georgous as in... even the chicks at work comment on how fine she is.  So she wants to go "sweat" with my man abi?  Hubster politely declined  but made it a point to tell me, especially how attractive she was.

The Forbidden 

Did I go crazy? Did I flip out. Nope! I was grateful. Grateful that he had taken that forbidden apple and thrown it far away. Sometimes we think we are indestructible.  We wanna touch the  forbidden apple, smell it,  and even lick it while swearing we will never take a bite.  Like the song "Slow fade" by casting crown; everything is a slow and gradual fade. You dont just drop into sin, sometimes you slip and slide into it.  By bringing attraction to the table, the hubster and I are sticking to a plan we adopted early in our marriage.  If either of us even felt  someone was hot enough for us to like, we would tell the other person kia kia. From there, we would move into the battle zone and protect what we have.

So what did the hubster say about this my guy patient?

Hubster: So you felt his X and Y was attractive?
Me: Yes, you know how i feel about it.
...... (personal yarns)
......(personal yarns)

Two minutes later, we were laughing. He stayed on the phone with me till I got home and we talked it out. Funny enough, the burden I had felt all day was lifted. No stress, no drama! No slow fades!

...Musings from atop the potter's wheel....

Friday, February 05, 2016

Dear Inthe... Intimacy without sex.

Hi, Inthemidstofher

Happy weekends

I want to say thanks for the advice a while back when I messed up with my boyfriend, am happy to say my boyfriend forgave me and we are working things out right now......i owe that to u....thanks a whole lot. Inthemidstofher I have another issue I will like to hear your opinion about..

So right now am trying to stop having sex,i want to have a better relationship with God. How do I tell my boyfriend we have to stop, our relationship is long distance there's always that urge when we see each other after a long time. How are we supposed to be intimate without sex, am worried we might not have a relationship or it will just be formal and boring without sex
30 Days of Life Support - Love - With Just a Sprinkle of Your Touch, I'm Covered in YOU.
I really dnt know what to do,mere seeing my boyfriend arouses me. When he comes over or I go over does it mean we can't sleep in the same room,does it mean we can't kiss. How is the relationship going to work,we are a long way from marriage can we survive it. Looking forward to your reply
Can I just say I love you.....Yes alot of Homo
What you are doing is amazing
May God continue to bless you

Hey Lovergirl

Thanks for your patience. Let’s get down to business; you had to bring up the hard questions didn’t you *wink*? Well, as always I invite God into our conversation and may his words be spoken.

So how can a relationship survive without sex? Does this kill a relationship and what can we do if we don’t have plans on getting married soon. I answered a similar question here… you can read this before you read my comments below.

You said: I really don’t know what to do, mere seeing my boyfriend arouses me

This is perfect! Actually quite excellent. Why? Because God blessed each and every one of us with this beautiful thing called a sex drive.
 Close-up portrait of a young couple in love
Some people like to say they lack one and if you are attracted to the opposite sex you must be a sinner but in their ignorance they fail to realize that the problem is not the sex drive but what you do with it. Sex like everything else in this world was made to glorify God and the ONLY way sex glorifies God is within the context of marriage.

You said: How are we supposed to be intimate without sex, am worried we might not have a relationship or it will just be formal and boring without sex.

Ah, this is where the hard part comes in….One thing I have learnt is that Intimacy and sex are two different things and comparing the two is like comparing apples to oranges. Yes, they are both fruits but they are NOT the same fruit.
 Apples to Oranges

I know it’s quite difficult for you because your definition of intimacy has been based solely on sex with your boyfriend. You, my friend, are going to have to go back to intimacy school. STOP LAUGHING. I know for a fact that your knowledge of intimacy is based on the physical because without it, you don’t know what to do.
Let me ask you a question. If you were to get married and due to health reasons, you couldn’t have sexual contact with your hubby for a year; what would happen? Would you still be able to have a fulfilling monogamous relationship or would the relationship fall apart? If you said “Stay together” then the same steps you would take to keep your relationship alive is what you will need to apply here.

Here is my post on sex before marriage:

What can you do to foster intimacy without taking your clothes off?

Now let me tell you straight up now that what I’m going to say here will not make any sense initially because you’ve been to the promise land and have experienced it. It’s like me trying to tell you to manage fruit after a year of eating only candy; it’s hard because your senses have been heightened but through God’s grace you can bring these heightened senses under subjection until the right time. The fact that you’ve been intimate doesn’t disqualify you from learning anew, it only makes things a bit harder because you know what it feels like.


You need to learn how to replace physical intimacy with emotional intimacy; I can’t tell you exactly how you are going to do that because I don’t know the private dynamics that control your relationship. You are going to have to prayerfully find ways to keep the romance strong without going physical. Like I said, you can’t “unring the bell” but God can help you make this work. This is what happens when you share your inner thoughts with a person. Getting to see a side of a person NO ONE else sees creates a level of intimacy like no other. Sharing struggles, dreams and aspirations fosters and strengthens your emotional connection thereby strengthening your relationship. Guess what? I wish you a long fulfilling sex life in your future marriage but when uncle is like 100 years old and can’t get up, you will need to have emotional intimacy downpack to keep your relationship moving.

You said: we are a long way from marriage can we survive it? When he comes over or I go over does it mean we can't sleep in the same room, does it mean we can't kiss

I won’t lie to you. I’m not a fan of long drawn out relationships for this purpose exactly. The longer a relationship is, the higher the chances of falling to sexual temptation. I would strongly encourage you to figure out what is preventing you from getting married now. I wrote a post on it. Check it out here.
Day 34- True Love Waits!

Can you sleep in the same bed? Can you kiss? Lol… I would usually say it depends but thinking of your history, it might be hard for you to say no once things start getting heated up. Remember sin is an intimate violation of God’s word, let’s not walk in a way that will bring temptation on.

You said: How do I tell my boyfriend we have to stop?

I don’t know…but you have to. You also have to understand this might be enough reason for the relationship to end. He might not be willing to walk this path with you or he might say he will but end up trying to talk you out of this decision. Either way, you have to ask yourself if you are emotionally and spiritually strong enough to sacrifice this relationship for God; it just might come down to it.
 Love Yourself!
Remember abstaining cannot be done just on physical determination; you need spiritual strength and a firm foundation on what you believe in. if he is not saved, besides the fact that you shouldn’t be in an unevenly yoked relationship, he might not share your beliefs on sex. Either way, you’ll never know unless you talk to him. His decision will tell you of his spiritual maturity and where he is with his personal walk with Jesus Christ.

Remember God won’t give you more than you can bear and his rewards are greater than anyone else can give you. You know where to find me sis… Get back to me ANYTIME!!



Sunday, January 10, 2016

My name is Inthe... and I'm a Farmer.

Happy New Year folks! Wow, where did 2015 go?

 Happy new year

Last year was absolutely crazy beautifully chaotic and it was truly God and the love of a good man that brought me through. Last year, I became a small business owner! Yay! The hubster is laughing at me because I have a grand total employee of 1; but who cares? it's mine! I made the hubster the CFO and pay him in food and sex. LOL.  Also, you guys know I had a new baby as well.  It's been a balancing act but I wouldn't have it any other way. Last year, I tried something new.... I started answering my "Dear Inthe...Q's" over the phone. Ha! what was  I thinking? In my head, I thought discussing  their problems over the phone and putting a "voice" to Inthe might help. Ha! Some call sessions went well, and some "not so well". Let's just say I'll keep emailing and leave the phone calls for now.
 Day 348 Domestic Goddess

In keeping with tradition, every year, I pick a personal theme for my role as wife and mom. In previous years I've been everything from an architect to an investor and being able to focus on a goal a year has been so fruitful. This year I want to be a farmer. Not too sexy right? I know, but it is the epitome of what I want to be.   To be a bit more specific, I want to be a nurturer.  God has blessed me with 2 little seedlings ( Little man and baby boy) that need a caring and nurturing hand in order to develop into what they were made to be. I want  my focus to be on providing all they need to develop into physically, spiritually and emotionally healthy children. I want to be present in the moments of their lives.  I want my home to be emotionally save and a haven from the world.
seedling in shell

  I also have a strong tall, iroko tree to care, that's the hubster.
No matter how strong a man is, there are provisions only his woman can give and I want to be able to give it with ALL that I am. I want to nurture those traits that make him the man I love and encourage the fruits to expand and multiply. We women are the thermometers of our home and can easily influence how " hot" or cold" the home is. If the hubster comes home tired or upset about a situation, I've come to realize how easily I can improve his mood and when little man falls and runs to me, my hugs and kisses are enough to make things right. In embracing my role of a helpmeet, God has given me an understanding of how powerful I truly am.

MK like first in love

One last thing, my girlfriend Eziaha brought to my attention that my posts have been geared more towards single and it seems I've forgotten my married readers. I objected till I did a personal audit and realized she was absolutely right. I apologize to my married readers oooo. This new year will bring more posts geared towards marriage and keeping our homes  a thing of joy ( ...and envy)

Let's do this year right... to the glory of God

...Musings from atop the potter's wheel...

Ps....Did you notice I'm trying out color pics and not the usual black and white ones? LOL!