Monday, August 14, 2006


lord... i need a day off!!!!!!!!!!

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Don’t we all feel like that sometimes...? Teachers get weekends and summers off, students get most evenings off and even doctors get at least 5 minutes for a quick shower (they normally multitask by showering and sleeping at the same time). It is a rule that we all need time to recuperate and regenerate. A time, I like to call my “vege” time, is my breaks off from school. As soon a I get home from the airport, I tell my family “listen up, for these 3 weeks…I don’t know my name nor do I want to know it... don’t look at me with a question, don’t come to me with a question and don’t even think of looking at me with a question. This is my off time…let me vege out.” It is funny to say the least but it also shows a core of selfishness that comes from the Adamic nature of us all. This is a very important topic that brings the question of Christianity and of whether we get to have time off from discipleship.

One of my favorite speakers, Joshua Harris, the senior pastor of Covenant Life church in Gaithersburg, Maryland gave a sermon a few months ago about Christianity and the sinful desire for “time off”. It really opened my eyes and got me thinking of how God desires for us to shine in this world of darkness all the time without ceasing.
As a Christian we need to walk the narrow path which means excluding a lot of things our flesh “oh so desires”. We view the life we are called to live in a different light, but at times this is a real struggle to maintain.

Here is an example; your sister/ friend/ not so nice roommate needs help, she has to catch a bus and for some reason has lost her wallet. She comes to you for help and unknowingly is asking for the same $10 you were just planning to spend on pizza/ shoes/ new Avalon CD/ cool T shirt. Now automatically you might want to say, “ sorry I can’t help you out” but you cant seem to get the words out your mouth because the scripture Matthew 34:40 seems to be blocking the words. More than ever, you want a day off. Where you can say “I wont be a Christian today…just for this one day, I will forget that I am supposed to be radiating the love of God and indulge in my flesh” but do we as Christians have this “luxury”?? God says pick up your cross and follow me… not pick it up but when your arms ache throw it down and go for a coffee coolatta… he says pick it up till the finish line, till he gives us rest in his bosom.

Ok… some of us are real generous with material stuff but this can still relate to the emotional side of not wanting to be our brother’s keeper. My roommate is the sweetest girl but I need to wake her up EVERY MORNING for class… it gets tiring to my flesh at times because I think” hey…why can’t she wake me up in the morning…why can’t I have the luxury of waiting till she wakes me up in the morning before I stir”. This may be wanting a day off but this is also a sign of selfishness

We are called to be selfless children of God and to radiate his love to the world but when we feel this task of being like Christ is becoming a burden, we lose sight of what who we really are a Christians. Jesus carried his cross to Calvary with his calling in mind…lets do the same

“…see that ye love one another with a pure heart fervently” I Pet 1:22

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