Monday, August 28, 2006


This world is definitely coming to an end. Yesterday while eating breakfast; i was watching the FOX NEWS and there was another hot debate about the seperation between church and state. The weird thing about this issue was that the person oposing the keeping of a picture of Jesus Christ in a school hallway was a Reverend himself. Ok, let me explain... A school has had a picture of Jesus Christ in its halls for a very long time, but now on of these organizations that tries to prevent religion in school is complaining that this picture traumatizes children of other religions and makes them believe that they and their religion are worth nothing. The man is an ordained reverend and he asks "Why can't other gods of other religions be placed there"... i am not all that surprised about the argument between church and state; it is an old story but this coming from a REVEREND???.... a reverend actually is opposing a picture of his "lord and savior" on national TV.... like i said, this world is coming to an end!!

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