Sunday, September 03, 2006


Music is a wonderful thing... many books of the bible like Psalms and the Song of Solomon show that God delights in music especially songs that are directed as praise to him. Psalm 40:3 says " ...and he put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God..." and Psalm 47 is a whole chapter on the power that lives in musical praise. We have all been there... you are having a rough day; be it mentally, emotionally or spiritually and all it takes is one song... one song strategically placed by the love God has for you; and you are sailing on the highest cloud. The bible says in Psalm 22:3"...O though that inhabitest the praises of Israel" so if God lives in our praise, I think it safe to say that he also lives in music that praises him. So if this is true, I find it a fact that Christian music that helps uplift my soul is God having a direct conversation with me.

Last week as I was packing my stuff to come back to school for another semester, I was feeling very emotional. Not necessarily because I was going back to school but more because this season of life has been more valleys than mountains. Even though I knew ‘tis was God’s will and that he is working to make me more like my Lord and Savior; I still couldn’t help but be a little down. Now this is where God’s greatness comes in… my itunes was playing and the next song that came on is a testimony by it self.


Some, if not most, of you are familiar with Mark Schultz (talk of being anointed!!!), well it was his song “Closer to you” that came on next and I felt God’s presence ministering to my heart. For the benefits of you my friends reading this, I am posting the lyrics to the song…

Closer to me
I’m tired and I’m weak
And every breath within me
Is longing just to be
Closer to You
So I face the road ahead
Cause I know there’s no comparing
To what’s waiting at the end

So let the rain start falling where it will
And I will run through this valley
Just to climb to that hill
And if they ask why I’m smiling
After all I’ve been through
It’s cause I’m just a day closer to You

Closer to me
I hear You whisper in the wind
You say although my life is fading
A new one will begin
Closer to You
And I know I’m not alone
Cause I can hear You in the distance
Saying you are nearly home

And if they ask why I’m dancing
Though my days may be few
It’s cause I’m just a day closer to You
Closer to me
You’re in the laughter and the tears
Of the ones I leave behind me
Who have prayed me through the years
Closer to You
And I know it won’t be long
Until you’re coming down the pathway
And You take me in Your arms

And if they ask why I’m singing
Though my life’s almost through
It’s cause I’m just a day closer
I’m just a day closer
I’m just a day closer to You
Oh, to You

By the time this song was over (well I did play it back to back about 600 times), I found my head a bit higher, my soul a bit lighter, my peace a bit stronger and my heart more in love with Christ. Not because my situations had erased in the span of this song but because during this time, God reminded me of his love for me and how someday I would see him face to face and everything I ever went through would be a thing of distant memory. Actually come to think of it, standing in his presence; I probably won’t have any recollection of them at all.

Let There Be Light... And Let's Top It Up With A Rainbow...

…Musings from atop the potter’s wheel.

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Dr. Magic said...

Just to let you know that I have been blessed by reading musing from the Potter's wheel. Thank you for putting to words such inspirational text. And i do pray that the good Lord would continue to keep and make u strong...Continue is His presence.