Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Sorry i have been gone for so long... my blog has been on my heart greatly but just to make sure that the outrageous amount of money my parents shell out yearly doesn't end up as waste, i had to take an impromptu hiatus.
Its funny, well ...ok.. not really.. but on monday, i was in my school library at about 11.00 pm reading up on drugs i will probably be recommending for a good portion of my life. All of a sudden,I looked up at my fellow colleagues and wondered to myself "if judgment day arrived right now, how many of us will be in heaven?". It was almost midnight ( some of us got to school as early as 7am) and we were still here on this hamster wheel of continual brain overloading. For some reason, this really frustrated me because i knew as a christian,all this was meaningless. Dont get me wrong, i know my calling is medicine but truth be told, if i dropped dead (maybe after a marathon of painful studying),this degree that a lot of people envy me for will not bring me a single step closer to heaven.
I get so caught up in this school thing that i at times ( i confess shamefully) that i dont even have time to read my bible! Solomon hit it right on the nail when he said all this world has to offer is "vanity upon vanity".

out of time

i need to keep my eyes on the invisible, i need to keep my eyes on the goal of heaven. everything i will ever need has been given to me the day Jesus died on the cross for me. Salvation is the greatest thing i can ever hope to achieve and i need to give it its rightly due of being my priority in life. As long as this is my objective, wether i can properly diagnose acute nephrotic syndrome in 5 mins flat or not doesnt really matter.

Ecclesiastes 12:13"Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this [is] the whole [duty] of man"

... musings from atop the potters wheel

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