Saturday, December 18, 2010

Letting our men be men...

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I remember when Hubby and I were courting/dating/walking purposely towards marriage or whatever we call it nowadays I was so fixed in my ways. There is a certain beauty of being a self sufficient single sista (S4); not depending on men for anything. I knew how to take care of myself and not relying on a guy for anything allowed me to keep my heart focused in the right direction without getting emotionally attached prematurely. Well turns out that I was too good at being an S4 because when Hubby came around, I found it difficult to relinquish power from anything as trivial as driving the car to something as absurd as helping me with a hard to open jar.

I am sure you have seen/ heard such stories

Man: Excuse me Miss, let me help you open that door
Woman: (Activating full neck swing and eye roll) Me? Help me? brother, step aside and let ME help YOU!

The problem is the less I act like a woman, the harder it is for hubby to act like a man. The intention of a good godly man is to serve his bride. Remember all the fairy tales we read as a child; how the prince in shiny armor gallantly rides up on his noble steed to rescue the princess... or how about how the hero fights against the enemy to protect his princess...or how about the greatest love story of all; a savior dying so that his bride might live? All these tales tells us that there is an inherent albeit lost...sniff instinct placed in men by God to serve his bride and the more we take it upon on ourselves as wives to fulfill these roles, the less husbands will want or even have a reason to fulfill them.

The world has successfully ly lied to us about how weak it makes us females look to have men serve us. We want to be as strong and powerful as men consequently leaving behind the role God created for us as women. When was the last time we heard of men striving for our positions?

Having been a S4 for a while,I KNOW there will be instances where we are perfectly capable of opening that door/ carrying that box/ pumping that gas/ driving that distance but another gracious way to encourage our men to be godly home leaders (and lets face it; just making them feel like macho men...shh don't tell)is stepping back and allowing them to fulfill those roles.

So the next time I would rather use a sledgehammer to open a jar than ask for help, I 'll just lovingly look over and yell....HONEY!!!??????

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