Friday, December 24, 2010

Not married to Jesus...

And the moral of the story was I wasn’t married to Jesus…

Forgive me; I am getting ahead of myself. Usually a story is told before a moral is delivered.

Hubby and I got into an argument a while back. Being the “mature Christian” (rolling eyes) that I am, I sulked in a corner for a couple of days. Well that was a while ago and now that all is well in Love land; I had a chance to put on a pair of 20-20 hindsight glasses.

Hubby is a wonderful, patient, mature and loving husband, so good that 99% of the time I wonder if I truly deserve him but the 1% he slips up, I am so shocked and hurt, I take it harder than I should. I guess I am just not used to him making mistakes. While we were talking over the problem, hubby says “Baby, I am still 3 in 1…mind spirit and body. The times you love me is when by grace I can subdue my flesh but I am not perfect, sometimes I do and will slip up”.

I had put hubby on a pedestal, a pedestal so HIGH, he was barely holding on by his fingertips. Well, the thing about pedestals is that there isn’t much maneuvering room and any move in the wrong direction was trouble.

Man standing on Sierra Nevada mountains

Talk about a bag of bricks! I realized I had unrealistic expectations. I wanted hubby to be perfect, a flawless lover who was always on point fulfilling EVERY SINGLE NEED IN ME…hmmm sounds like I wanted him to be Jesus.

...musings from atop the potter's wheel.


Lady A said...

Girl, u set your set up for the KILL, hahahaaa! I soooo feel you!!!! After reading what the bible says how our Godly husband is suppose/will be, we wives expect it!!!! Only later to find out it's God's grace and unconditional love that keeps us and him (husbands). We (wives) aren't perfect as well...I thought I was cuz I was so HOLY, hahahaa...come to find out, I probably had more issues then him..cuz he brought it out of me (in a good way)..
btw: I wasn't laughing @ u...cuz u remind me of myself...

In the midst of her said...

Lady A...
LOL... The standards I was setting for the poor guy, even I couldn't live up to them!
Thanks for reading!