Thursday, February 03, 2011

Spice it up...The Bedroom

Ok Ladies.. this is a continuation of the previous post; Spice it up...the Kitchen.

I remember a few months before I got married; the women of our church came together to give me some great gifts and some "words of advice" (using that word VERY loosely) about marriage.

I still laugh when I look back

"Hmmm, don't starve your husband ooh" ( and we're not talking food here)

"A good wife never wears underwear to bed ooh"

I didn't know what was more uncomfortable; the fact that we were having a conversation about sex or the fact that it was CHURCH MOTHERS talking about it.

Either way, I smiled and internally went to my " happy place" till the get together was over.

Looking back, there were some nuggets of truth in their words but this post is not about spicing things up sexually ( Y'all don't need advice about but spicing things up physically.

Endless Love

We women know how to keep it hot and sizzling in the pre-marriage scene but let's face it, once we bag our men we tend to slack of a bit.

Personally my issues came when I had my son 8 months ago...I woke up tired and went to bed tired and with the whole issues of dealing with a newborn and my 1-2 hrs of sleep at night, I ummmh... dropped the ball!

Sweat pants replaced the jeans, sneakers replaced the heels....scrunchies became my new hair stylist! AAhhhhh, it wasn't pretty but my hubby never complained (that man is a saint!)

First-time Mom

Thank goodness for reality checks... I dont really remember what snapped me out my rut but I woke up one day and BAM! It knocked me so hard I almost lost my teeth! LOL Having a baby is not an excuse to let things slide!!!!

The point is men are visual beings, while we are more emotional creatures. With that being said we women need to keep our men's attentions on us. Do that thing you use to do before you got married... Wear that outfit you know makes him smile... Wear that scent that automatically makes him think of you...

So thats where I am now... I REFUSE to end up like those naija women who have just one baby and then start wearing wrapper and boubou all around the house forever. Ugggh!

...musings from atop the potter's wheel.


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