Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spice it up...flippin' da script!

Ok, this is an unplanned continuation of the Spice it up series. As you guys know hubby and I went to see Hillsong last night in NYC and Oh my goodnes....It was ABSOLUTELY FANTABOULOUSLY EXCELENT!!! I had so much fun with hubby and I feel so blessed to have been there. I screamed so loud, I actually lost my voice. It was so fun...Praise God.

Now, as I mentioned before, I had no plans of writing this but something happened yesterday that left me so surprised I had to write about it. So for the concert, I decided to get a new outfit and during the whole time of shopping, I did not let hubby see or know what I was doing. About 1 hr before we left, I just dressed up and showed him what I was wearing. Oh my goodness, Hubby was flabbergasted cuz I completely flipped the script on who I was.

Let me explain...

During the week, I am pretty conservative. To you guys who know what I do for a living, it is understandable why I can't just roll out of bed and hit the streets. So my wardrobe is pretty predictable. Well for the Hillsong concert, I knew it was a rock concert, so I had an image of who I wanted to be for that night; something along the lines of

Day 356

I completely surprised hubby by being semi-punk rock that night. I got an outfit that was daring ( pls note daring does not mean nude)in the sense of "not my everyday outfits" and I was a different person for the night. Hair included!

Well, it worked. Hubby was pleased...shocked...but pleased and he kept staring at me through out the night and I knew I definitely held his attention even through the concert. It made me realize in marriage, spicing things up does not end in the bedroom or kitchen! It involves who you are...keeping things and creative.

I wonder who I'll be next time...;) ;) ;)

...musings from atop the potter's wheel...


Anoda Phase said...

good one...I just might borrow the idea, and spice things up a bit wardrobe wise...thanks for the heads up.

H said...

oh that's an interesting way to keep him

nice one!

Jaycee said...

Lol. Exactly what I'm planning on doing this summer...converting to a SHOCKING WARDROBE. His eyes shall

Good job...

Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken said...

Glad you had fun and i definitely love the spicing things up

In the midst of her said...

AP- Yess ohh, borrow it...take it...make it yours!

H-A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...*wink*

Jaycee- You know how we provs 31 wives do it This has really inspired me to take a bold step this summer!


doll said...


Keep it up