Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Please Pray for me....

No.... no Hubby and baby boy are fine. We are alive and healthy, no death in the family and the bills are being paid.

So why do I need prayers?


Oh my goodness....I am sick and tired of sassy 14 yr old coming into my office to deliver their 3rd baby from their 3rd baby daddy and being completely oblivious to the reality of the situation.

Spokanes Finest

I don't mean to bring my work to my blog but can I vent for a sec?...Thanks!

Today was such a weird day. Knowing where I work, I should be used to "Ghettoness" and the results of uneducation but still... once in a while, I get those cases that make me go WHAT?????

First, I had this patient.....17...19...? (dont even remember,can't tell you how many pregnant 15,16,17's I have seen this week) yr old girl who comes in with her baby daddy for a usual pre-natal(she's about 7 mths pregnant)check up. We've been treating her for std'S (Plural my people....) over and over but she still comes back re-infected. So, we used this opportunity to tell baby daddy that he needs to be treated and that he keeps on re-infecting her. Obviously it's not my business who gave whom what but it's dangerous cuz she's pregnant right?

ETA: Just remembered...she's 21

Homeboy, 18 yr old... spends the entire visit playing video games...even when I was doing a painful pelvic exam on her and she was begging him to hold her hand, he just kept playing and nodding once in a while to what was being said.!!

P.S.A Teen Pregnancy

After the exam, we mention it again about him needing to be treated...guess what home girl says...." Can I still perform O**L sex on him before he gets treated...I don't want STD on my breath". I tell you I almost whipped out a belt on this girl! (Since we are in America, and I am not trying to lose my job, I just kept this fake smile on my face and prayed she wasn't a mind reader) Is that the height of your concern? You have multiple STD's that might make you not eligible for a normal vaginal delivery and you are asking if you can still do "stuff"!! Who gave you the boat load of yama yama you are carrying?

Another patient of mine was a 17yr old who just had her 1st baby in Jan/10 for one daddy and was coming back preggo again for another daddy.

(Satan get behind me...I will not succumb to the temptation to beat her down with my 2lb shoe)

To top it off, she too had some STD that needed antibiotics ....

Hmmm..Life goes on...That it enough for now... need to get some sleep so I can be energized for my 13yr olds tommorow

...Musings from atop the potter's wheel...


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! You definitely need prayers and for me too because I would be on your team and whack some sense, if it were possible, on those girls. Goodness me, this is just so sad, so sad.

doll said...

wow. thats absolutely shocking......

I think i need to pray for the girls...WOW

Jaycee said...

She asked you whether she can still perform __ on her bf? Whattttt? Where's THAT CAIN?

She doesn't understand that this kind of lifestyle will cause grave trouble for her in the future. Painfully ignorant.

Anoda Phase said...

Good lawd! I can't believe what I'm reading - especially the first girl, who @ 21, should really know better...May God help our computer/jet age children!

Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken said...

as my momsy like to call it "Children of now adays na wa"...this is so sad but all we can do is pray and not stop speaking as I have learn that teen do listen and hear what you say...they may not do it at the moment but they constantly have it in the back of their mind and will use it one day

In the midst of her said...

MOH: yes oooh!

Doll: In all honesty, as the bible says; these girls are perishing from a lack of understanding!

J:Lol....You wouldn't hurt a fly joo

AP:Amen...microwave age...everything is moving so fast!

MYSU:Does your mom clap her hands together as she says it? LOL

For.Women said...

Wow, just got to your blog and this post send chills up my spine and back down.
It is a sad day we live in when kids 16,17,18yrs old are going through things like these when they should be living life to the fullest, pursuing their dreams. I weep for these kids and hope although they may have lost their way that they find something to lead them back on the right path. I will certainly say a prayer for you to continue to find the strength to deal with this and i will prayer for these young God help us.