Sunday, May 29, 2011

Through his eyes...

Have you ever seen a beautiful woman; a woman so "HOT" in looks, luxury, style that you think she must have every guy eating out of her hand? Then come to find out the girl is single or on her 3rd husband or just been cheated on for the 5th time? I have...and it keeps me wondering how women so beautiful could also be so unlucky in love.

For example, a few weeks ago,for the umpteenth time, I turned to hubby and said "I just dont understand why a beautiful lady like {Insert actress name}; who by the way, has been named "The most beautiful woman in the World" multiple times has been cheated on by every guy she has "publicly" been with! I didn't bring this up to mock her, I guess I just thought that every hot girl must have it made in the love department. Since guys are so "visual" and she was verrrry "visually appealing"...Checkmate! End of story right?

PPL's BTNM - "Greek Goddess" - Jolene.

Hubby's response was quite profound... "Obirin sowa nu, O lohun o lori oko" (English translation: A woman with no manners shouldn't wonder why she has no man). I was shocked but understood better after he explained.

Men have been given the bad (but often true) rap of not being able to see beyond the exterior of a woman; so we girls are taught real early on the art of "Notice me".

Wait, you do know the art of "Notice me" right? While some ladies are barely passing "the class", some other chicks have gotten their PhD in it.

BNTM - Week 4 - "Obession with ... BOYS." - Katie.

We wear the "right clothes",laugh a certain way, never finding out who we truly are and just developing whatever personality fits the boy; and it does work (Every girl who's seen her crush walk off with the most popular girl in class, pls stand up!)... at least for a while. Then the guys grow older, more mature and find out that that "look" or "laugh" or "shape" just isn't enough anymore. They need a bit more...ummmh, what is it called...Oh yeah ..."substance". They leave the "crowd" and are ready to settle. Unfortunately, some of us women either get the memo late or not at all because as the years pass by, here we are still playing the "notice me" games; developing the exterior and forgetting the interior.

What do men see when they look at you? Some shiny new toy that they just "have to have" and like their old toys, they soon get bored with? Or are you that diamond in the rough; a priceless jewel they've been searching for.

To all my ladies who have spent their life developing the interior as well as the exterior but feel you have always been overlooked by men... Know your man is out there still searching for you so don't lose hope. To all my ladies who are tired of being picked and dropped time after time, take a season off to search yourself, find out who you are and unearth that precious gem God has placed in every one of us.

Know who you are!

"Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" Abbey Miles.

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Jaycee said...

Very encouraging post, T. Especially the last paragraph.

PS: The Barbie photos added a touch of glamor. Lol.

In the midst of her said...

Thanks J...I thought the dolls would add a different flair!

Gee said...

very very lovely post!