Monday, June 06, 2011

We are 2 yrs old!!!

This day,2 years ago, I married my husband. In those two years his love, strength, patience and maturity has made me a better woman. To say I love him is like a fat kid saying he takes Ice cream once in a while...a HUGE understatement! To share my joy of this occasion, I wanted to post about my wedding or how we courted or marriage so far; but instead of choosing which story to tell... I am going to do one better! I am letting you guys choose!

wedding anniversary

So this is how it works....I want you to choose between the following
1-The first time we met
2-How we became a couple
3-Our wedding day

(Trust me, as drama prone as I am, each one is very juicy!)

Pick one and email me at or just look to the right of the page under "contact me" and leave a note. The number with the highest ratings will win.

This poll ends on Friday and the winning post will be up the following week.

...Musings from atop the potter's wheel.


Yankeenaijababe said... exciting? wow!!! I am so happy for you, marriage truly takes a lot of work and to know you survived 2 years..WOW! Can you write about your wedding day? That should be lots of fun to read

Jaycee said...

Number 2!!!

Andrea said...

Number 2

Tee said...

Number 2

Anonymous said...

1, 2 & 3!!!

doll said...


In the midst of her said... from the emails and comments, it seems like No 2 is in the lead....let's wait and see!

Gee said...

Number 1 2 3!---LoooL!

Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken said...

Congratulations and wish you both many many more years to celebrate together.


Anoda Phase said...

Congratulations on your anniversary...I wish you many more joyful years together...If I'm not too late to participate, No. 2 pls...