Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Cat's out of the bag...


1Tit 5 vs 25: And the good deeds done in secret will someday come to light.

So I am not so anonymous anymore. Turns out hubby who is extra extra proud of me and my blog; decided to tell one of my little sisters in Christ (B* know it. Well it turns out, she became very proud of her big sister in Christ and told all her friends about it and...( You get the picture now right) So right now in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada... my secret's out!

Well, no shaking Jare!! I have always had the philosophy that even though I am an anonymous blogger, I would only write things that I would not be ashamed of if people ever found out who I really was; and the way things are just might not be too long!

Shout out to BC...I couldn't choose a better group to out me!! I love you guys and miss you and will be coming up as soon as I can!


Giagerry said...

Awww! U r in Canada!!!
Btw I think u won the blog give away on Yellow Sisi's blog.

In the midst of her said...

GG: Nope!! I am NOT in Canada!!!Heheh
and yes I saw the YSU results. (singing..winna ooh oh oh winna...) Thanks!

enybees-hub said...

Still your new follower oh,will like to see ‎​you soon :)


soon :)


Jaycee said...

LOL. Just seeing this.

Lil Miss Thang said...

i hope your posts dont change bcause you're no longer anonymous. i look forward to more inspiration, laughter, etc