Monday, September 19, 2011

What do they see? (Part 2)

How else can we protect our marriage from the outside?

I try not to argue/disagree or have heated debates with the hubster in public. Now ever since I was a child peeps always told me I chose the wrong profession; that I should have been a lawyer because I LOVE to argue! When I argue, as the hubster says, I get all loud and always "go for the jugular"; while the hubster has come to know that when I get excited I get loud, someone seeing me argue in public over why the chicken crossed the road would think I was a step away from being violent.

Dogs fighting

Ok OK Ok while not every woman is as loud as I am, disagreeing projects the visualization of disunity. In public, people see a snapshot of your life and this snap shot can influence in the negatives as much as it can in the positive.

Another thing I stay away from is correcting the hubster in public. Unless the hubster is walking around saying 10+10=Infinity,I try not to correct him in public. Imagine this, hubby and I out in public with friends,he's telling them the funniest story ever heard or even commenting about the current situation of the election...and while everyone is enthralled and captivated by his eloquence (hehe!) I stop him mid track and say "unh unh... you're wrong, its actually blah blah blah"!

Not only does this disrespect him in public, but it also belittles him. Correction can wait till we are alone and he will definitely appreciate it.

Making your husband look good in public is very important because it also tells of the wife you are. Do not be mistaken, there is absolutely no way you can "shine" in public if your husband is seen in a different light.

[7/52] getting ready

Just as the moon reflects the light of sun, your image in public is a reflection of your hubby's so the better he looks, the better you look.


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Anonymous said...

Such wisdom! Love the part one also! I have a lot to learn from your blog!

I wonder how come I'm only just finding this blog.

In the midst of her said...

Naijabloke...Welcome! when I get blog props from a guy, I know I am on the right track!

Anon: Thanks!!! We'll learn from each other!!

Hephzibah Bride said...

You speak the truth Mrs!