Monday, October 24, 2011

Don't be afraid -- Dream Big!

Lawyer, Doctor, Architect, Engineer...

I have wanted to be a doctor since I was 6 and I always meet parents who tell their teens to be like me and want me to advise their them on becoming a doctor. Half these kids don't even WANT to be a doctor so, me being me, I will pull the kid aside and say "You better be what YOU want to be because working a job you hate is a slow death". I tell you, with all the hassles involved in my job (Not even going to mention the Vipers and Leeches aka "Health Insurance Companies and Malpractice Lawyers") it's the passion for medicine that keeps me here.

Pushy Parenting

We Nigerians, are so prejudiced when it comes to things like this. When you meet us for the first time, within 5 mins of the conversation (even if its about something as random as the weather), we will find some way to find out what you do for a living. Hmm, if you turn around and mention anything less than the Mega 4 i.e Lawyer, Doctor, Architect, Engineer; Ol'boy you don miss road ooh. You might not be worth talking too.

Ladies,help me out, when you bring a guy home to your parents for the first time, one of the first things they ask after who his father is and what abule he is from, is what he does for a living.. correct? Yea, I thought so. I have no problems with this per se, but it's the closed mindedness to any other occupation that kinda ticks me off. There are millions of talented teens asking why they can't be writers or Actors or chefs??? WHY???!!!!!!

day 28: mr. business man at six years old

Right now, we are having the Nursing epidemic. Let me break it down for you. Everyone, as soon as they land on the shores of the US wants to be a nurse...EVERYONE! When I was in college, I was a triple major ( I don't know what I was drinking back then) Nursing, Pre-med and Psychology. Well, in my nursing class was this 50-ish year old aunty who just came from naija. She had been told that nursing was the way to go and without hesitation jumped into it. Maaaan, that woman suffered sha, btw not being able to stand blood to not being able to sit for the 1000000 hrs it took to study for those crazy classes, she could barely pass her tests. She would look at me with eyes screaming " Mo ti ku". All I could do was encourage her,knowing she had a lot of mouths to feed and nursing would be the way to it. By the way, me, after 1.5 semesters, I quickly soji'ed and dropped my nursing major and stuck with Psych/pre-med. I can't let one degree come and kill me. Hiss!!!

Amos and Adelaide's Children's Aprons

America is known as the land of opportunities and most of us are here because our home country couldn't provide the opportunities this country could; in the spirit of taking advantage of these opportunities, we need to be completely open to the different choices we have when it comes to professions. It's here that college drop outs become billionaires over night, fashion designers make more money than the president and people become rich from throwing a ball through a hoop.

Dream Big.

It's time to break out of the old school ideology that if you are not one of a hand full of professions we will never make it. I completely understand that during our parents generation, only people in certain professions were deemed successful but times have changed. So if you want to be a writer, a fashion designer, model, actor, go for it! break the mold and reach for the stars! Let nothing hold you back!

Ps- If worse comes to worse, have Iya Banke beg your parents for you. LOL!

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Hephzibah Bride said...

Say it sister! In the UK, we would add another to your 4 - Accountant! When I was taking my professional exams, most of the candidates in the exam hall were Naijas. I wanted to he a writer, or musician or something else creative when I was little and my dad was like Lai lai! He made promises of giving me a computer if I would only study accounting. I followed what daddy said and actually I did like it in the end, but I knew I couldn't/wouldn't be an accountant forever.

I go back to my accounting job on Thursday after nearly a year of maternity leave but by God's grace I've launched my event stationery and album design business to have on the side.

I'd want my life to follow their dreams -according to God's will although my Ghanaian hubby ain't so flexible! He's horrified when he hears a young person has AK ambition to he a chef or something like that!

Soz - this has been a long comment!

Aseni said...

OMG...on point! It took so much strength to tell my mom that i was moving from biochem major (to be a pharmacist) to Human Resources.

Destiny - Yankeenaijachick + Success said...

Great post, love the encouragement to the ladies out there. I really love that you went for your dreams, really inspiring. Hopefully more young ladies can read this post.

'Lara said...

My mum is still angry with me for not studying accounting. Now she is talking of me moving to the UK for Nursing or become a teacher. She just does not understand what Human Resources is about.

Jaycee said...

What made me laugh was when you said "MEGA 4." Lol. Good term for that...

Chizy K said...

I believe strongly that parents need to get totally out of that idealogy it doesn't help the


LOL... same is happening here in NZ. People come here with a different degree and once they land, nursing seem the way to go; including the young and old. A friend told me recently that she regrets sticking to Accounting. She was advised to take nursing but because she started an accounting degree in Nigeria, she decided to continue. She is about to graduate now and she's foreseeing how difficult it'd be for her to get a job.


dosh said...

I feel you on the nursing thing, i moved to the u.s about 2 months ago and most immigrants (besides Nigerians) i've met are nurses and it kinda leaves me wondering if it's as easy as it seems.

Really loved this post cos it rings true beginning to the end. Our parents are so concerned with our 'security' that they tend to forget there are other professions out there that bring in the big bucks. But it's also up to us to remind them that the world is different.

God bless you for sharing, now following