Friday, October 14, 2011

Tag: 10 Random things about me

I was tagged by a popular blogger you know as YNC but whom I call She is defintely a sweety so check out her blog.

The rules are simple, just mention 10 random things about myself.

1-I have Synesthesia; in simple language, I see colors when I hear words and I can actually taste sounds. Wait,it is not some debilitating brain disease,it's a simple mix up in the wiring of the brain and it tends to run in families. There are different types but the above 2 are the ones I have. My earliest memory of having this is in kindergarten, my mouth would water uncontrollably whenever my teacher used chalk on the board. it was too distracting and I couldn't find peace till I tasted it Yuck!

Secret #23 I Have Synesthesia;   15 Questions- Question 10

2-I can eat cereal 24 hrs a day!

Generic Cereal

3- Despite my sophistication,I am a traditional wife at heart. I love cooking, cleaning and basically taking care of my hubby and son.

housewife at stove

4-I won't lie, I get a bit bothered when I see Nigerians in relationships with non-nigerians.

93/365 - 12/29/09 [365 Days @ 50mm] - Nigerian Couple

5-I am the only black female resident physician in my hospital, when I don't wear my white coat, people mistake me for everything from a nurse, to a aide, to a tech.

Quick story: I was approached by a nurse last night who asked if i had moved a patient to his room already. i calmly turned to her and said " I am a doctor", she glanced and my badge and screamed in fear saying "I am soo sorry, please forgive me, you are not wearing your coat." I told her I didn't feel disrespected,and gave her a quick 1 arm hug. I walked away knowing in my head that I STILL am not going to wear my

8/365 - Stethoscope

6- I associate life experiences with music and scents, as a youngster, I tended to wear 1 perfume/splash with 1 guy. When I ended a relationship, I would throw away whatever perfume i wore while with the guy and never go back to it. Now I wear one main scent and it is associated with the hubster, i guess I will be wearing it for life! Amen

Romance by Ralph Lauren

7-I can't deal with too many intimate friends at once; I tend to give my all (loyalty, love etc) to whatever friends I have at the moment. The max of close friends I have had at once is 2. On the other hand, having a hand full of acquaintances isn't a problem.

Girlfriends at grenn grass in the park.

8-I am very sensitive to my family, but to the outside world, I am an unbreakable BRICK HOUSE!

Bar on the South Side

9- I have a heart for women, marriage and relationships.... I could go on and on and on for days about the topics


10-As a doctor, my heart is with the poor and under served and I will probably end up working with refugees
Refugee Island -Australia?

So, there you go....10 random things about me.
...Musings from atop the potter's wheel...


Unveilinggold said...


Destiny - Yankeenaijachick + Success said...

I am touched by the sincerity of this post, those people at the hospital are crazy calling you a NURSE! They need to get a life for real. I love how you have a heart for women, charity and love for being a homemaker even when you are a physician. You are inspiring, truly touched.

I still can't eat cereal all day, heck NO!lol

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Hephzibah Bride said...

So my hubby is Ghanaian - will you hold that against me?! lol!

Anonymous said...

Very beautifully written!

It's amazing at the 'subtle' racism/prejudice one gets from their colour of skin or being female - na wa.

Enjoyed reading.

Jaycee said...

Awwwwww...number 10 made me smile. Gosh, T, how come I didn't know you were like me in terms of cereal? Wow...are you serious? That's my love for cereal...any time of the day. Hahaha. (we're more alike than we know).

In the midst of her said...

Unveiling gold: Thanks

Chibabe: Girl, dont make me even go there. I swear these people stare, always trying to peep at my id badge to see what my title is. Thanks luv!

Hephzibah: Lol! Nooooo, My flesh says one thing but my spirit knows whoever God has for us is the best!

Anon: It truly it! Thanks for reading.

Jay: Like I always say.... you know how we provs 31 wives dey do am jare!!lol

Jemima said...

Hello, I just passed the versatile blogger award to you, please check my blog for details cheers :)

Chizy K said...

cereal all day very


#2 Cereal all day ke? I no fit do am. If not for 'healthy' sake, I won't even be having it in the morning. haha

#1 is indeed yuck! haha

#3 I love this. Sincerely, I pray my Dudushewa remains the traditional she when we get married o. You know you medical peeps... una sophistication na wa! lol

#5 I love the humility. People hardly know I am a PhD student too. In fact, when I take markers to classes to teach, some students think I've helped the lecturer with them and he's on his way until I say, "settle down, the class is about to begin" haha

I love #10 so much because it gives d nudge you have a sense of purpose... AWESOME!

Loving your blog ma.


*Sweetly Broken* said...

I just came across your blog today. It's nice. I'll be stopping by more often!