Thursday, May 10, 2012


I got tagged by my girl YNC…… Thanks Chibabe! 


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11 Random things about me…
1- I HATE washing glass cups because I have an unreal phobia of cutting my hands.
2-I  hardly wear makeup; but when people see me with makeup, they are usually speechless. I clean up very very very well, none the less, I still don't wear makeup ; unless I am going somewhere to impress ( parties, or going some where special with the hubster)
3-I recently got control over my weight issues. I  lost 22lbs and bought my first pair of skinny jeans… I am one dress size from my goal! Go Me!
4-From elementary to medical school; I have never EVER started and finished at one school.
5- I am in the process of manipulating  convincing the hubster that I need a professional camera. I looooove good photography.
6-I still experiences racism at work; some patients often wonder " where the doctor is…" when I walk into the room. 
7-Growing up " rich"; I would daydream about living in "face me I face you" and selling bread on the street. It was so poetic!
8-I am currently still in school ( MBA…4 classes till I am done)
9-I eat raw oatmeal
10-I have caterpillar eyebrows… thick enough to braid mehn!
11-Homebody to the core…. married to another homebody! LOl… We literally have to psych ourselves up to go and hang out but when it comes to traveling to a new place, we're out the door in a hurry!

11 Questions from Destiny

1) The last place you visited

An Industry First

If you mean out of country, it was the beautiful Bahamas! the Hubster and I went for a week-ish cruise with Disney ( I LOVE this brand). It was the bomb! If you meant within the US, weekend getaway to Ohio to visit a friend.

2)What you ate for lunch
falling asleep at the dinner table-7003.jpg

- Skipped lunch cuz I was sleeping. 

3)Do you have any beauty regime that you always use?

Sunday Night Skin Care

I have very sensitive pores. if you even look at me the wrong way, they clog up. So I NEVER sleep with make up on and I use an exfoliating scrub .

4)What is your favorite beauty product?

Benefit Creaseless cream eyeshadow liner -brown with eyeiner brush HKD85

    Benefit Cream eyeshadow! Ohh I love this brand! They are the ONLY eye shadow brand I use because cream lasts longer than powder. They accentuate my chinese eyes and just make me feel super sexy! 

5)Do you have one weakness and how you overcame it?

2/366 - <3 Yourself

  Hmmm…took me a long time to appreciate my body. Until recently I was never really comfortable with my weight. After feeling sorry for myself for a while, I decided to make a change. I started eating right ( not dieting…diets never work!) and started exercising as well. I dropped some lbs and dress sizes and now I can say, I LOVE ME! and the hubster…*cough* loves me more…lol.

6)What is your biggest accomplishment in life so far?


Becoming the first female doctor in my family!

7) What reality show do you watch all the time?

d realityTV

NONE!! But If I catch "Celebrity Apprentice" I'll watch it.

8)Have you done something for anyone this year?

To reap.
Yes! I make it a habit to do good things for people all the time but I make it a HUGE POINT to do something good for my parents very often.

9)Tell me about your day

I went to work yesterday (wednesday) at 9am and worked a 24Hrs shift… came back home today at 9am…slept till 3 ish then watched my shows till 4 ish and then went to pick up baby boy at daycare.
Deep sleeper
 I am going to spend the rest of the day blogging, watching yoruba movies and being useless.

10) What type of man do you love?

Geek Glasses Style Rad

MY MAN! Lol… I like the geeky, sensitive, nerd-ish kind.  I love the quiet ones because they are so mysterious to me. I love men who are not afraid to show emotions. I love the silent yet strong type.

11)What is your favorite song?

Anything by Hillsong.


I think I am the last person on earth to have done this thing so I am not quite sure who to tag…lol.

Musings from atop the potter's wheel….


Blessing said...

Congrats on the weight loss...that's a big deal!!!

#7 is rather interesting, it's always been the otha way around for me

In school again? after med school? married with a baby? WOW thumbs up to you!!!

doll said...

rt24 hours shift! i sure do not envy you o!

Congrats on the weight loss

MBA as a doctor??hmm. how do you combine that with work?

LOL @ Homebody married to another homebody

Och3ny3 said...

thumbs-up hillsong all the way...

Destiny - Yankeenaijachick + Success said...

You are the coolest doctor l know via blog world. I loved reading about you. Daydreaming of face me l face you l burst out laughing.

In the midst of her said...

Blessings: Don't mind me, you know how kids think its always greener on the other side? I thought in face me I face you all the kids were friends and everyone loved each other blah blah…

Doll: It's an online program, so I don't have to be in class per se. How do I do it? Girl, it's all God cuz sometimes I feel my brain is a drop away from over capacity.

Och3ny3: Hillsong…YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CHIBABE…LOL… I bet your man is the coolest doc you know abi? *wink*

Unveilinggold said...

Sweet..Just love reading your post..:) Learn somethin new everytime..I am waiting for the completion of your last post..

MBA and Doctor..Awesomeness..I wanna be like you when I grow up

H said...

Nice...I like ur tagged answers...actually quite interesting


Interesting read all through... Wait, what r u doing MBA for again?
I dont think my babe would be interested in doing anything more after her medical studies o.. haha


In the midst of her said...

UV: Awwwh…. thanks girl, The MBA is in health care Management…basically how to run your own clinic in the future. I wanna be my own boss eventually by his grace.

H: Thanks!

Sir Mi: The Mrs 2 be is in medical school?


Yes ma, she is in medical school at the moment :)