Tuesday, July 03, 2012

While you wait…Perambulate


  1. Walk or travel through or around (a place or area), esp. for pleasure and in a leisurely way.
  2. Walk from place to place; walk about.

If you've followed this blog for a while, or a matter of fact, even met me for 2 minutes; one thing you'll know is that I LOVE to travel. Not like, not enjoy but LOVE and I need a fix constantly! The hubster being the best man on earth allows me to leave the country once a year and guess where I'm going next ….S. KOREA!!!!!! Yobo, ko ma wo  ( Thats "Thanks honey" in Korean). Before I got married, Man, can you say Ajala Travel! I was everywhere. Every chance I got, I was crossing some border, be it interstate or international and there was a point where EVERY sumer, I was out of the country. When some people where lying to their folks about alcohol or sex, I was hiding my worn out passport. LOL… I love the experience of a new culture, seeing beyond my own mental and cultural borders and of course…FOOD!!

Departure Board

Now while I understand not everyone has this opportunities due to immigration or financial reasons but it amazes me when people don't take the opportunities they have and travel. I  know a lady who was born and raised here but had NEVER been on a plane or left the US. It wasn't that she was afraid of flying or couldn't afford it; it was just that she didn't see the point of it.

JD Old passport US Visa
Single hood is a time to explore. A girlfriend of mine has a clique of friends, guys and girls who are all single. About 3-4 times a year, they all pack up and go somewhere exotic. I am not talking london or Naija, I am talking countries that I have to look up on a map.  They use this opportunities to mingle,  and share the joys and pains of singleness.  Guess what, if someone is interested in someone, they invite that person to join the clique on the next trip in order to get to know there person better. There is nothing like picking someones brain while watching the sun set pool side in Dubai.

Let me see the world. 
The goal is to  open your mind and explore. The world is such a beautiful extraordinary  breath taking place and you begin to appreciate the awesomeness of God more when you realize that. Yes you're single,  but you are not stagnant

To be continued…

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dosh said...

Talk about preaching to choir, i LOVE to travel too. I don't have as much money to do all the travelling i want to seeing as i can't even pronounce the names of some countries i want to visit but with the slightest chance (and extra cash i have, i always hit the road). If i can't go out of the country, i vistit another state. If i can't fly, i drive, lol.

It's the food, it's the places, it's the making of memories. What i would love though is to have friends that want to travel instead of buying 'shoe and clot', lol but hey... Anyway, since you are in the U.S maybe we could plan on going somewhere together next year if you don't have plans already. Let me know :D

sugarspring said...

wow!!!...i so love this post ma'am and if you know how much i want to explore so much that ive often dreamed of it, most especially with a camera in hand but i guess you've mentioned some of those reasons in your post. i hope one day by God's grace i get to move around with a free mind.
beautiful post...
p.s...Wow, i never knew you loved travelling oo and its good your hubster even allows you.. thats good for you and im happy since its what you loved right from when you were single

'Lara said...

Yippee, I love this and I think a lot of Nigerians fail to see the point in travelling. The US and the UK are not the only places in the world. Travelling exists me and I would love to marry a guy who also shares this passion.