Saturday, August 18, 2012

While you wait…Percolate!


  1. (of a liquid or gas) Filter gradually through a porous surface or substance.
A bad thing about me…something that I’ve been praying to God about…a thing that comes back to bite me when I am not on guard is my temper. It takes me a loooooooong time to get angry but mehn, when I do… step back and take cover, it gets ugly! I  boil, erupt for  half a second and then as quickly as it came, my anger is gone. but when the smoke clears and the dust settles, the  aftermath is ruins.  I actually start to worry when I feel myself get angry because I don’t know what I will do. ( FYI, I NEVER get physical, I let my lips do the smacking).

Angry Lioness
2Corinth 12 vs  7-9: Three times I pleaded to the Lord to take it away from me but he said to me “ My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”

For me, its my temper, for you it could be the habit of cheating and for another it could be a lack of contentment; what we all have in common,is that we have some issue that we need to keep putting under subjection. There is something in us that we need to get out,  and the best way is to let the love of Christ filter it out.  

Sifting flour
To be honest, I never had to work on my temper until I got married and starting hurting the one I love, I truly wish I started working on it before I got married…when it was only me and there wasn’t anyone being caught in the crossfire; either way the hubster has been instrumental in me getting to where I need to be in regards to my temper.  While, you wait, find that thing you no longer want part of you and let it percolate…Let Christ filter it out.

This ends my series on While you wait… ( or at least I think…unless God brings another topic to my heart.) Thanks for following me on this.

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Tosin said...

Love this post...I used to have serious anger issues too until I read Eccl 7:9, 'control your temper, for anger labels you a fool'..that sobered me up real quick, especially after a certain episode where i really did look like a fool hehe. Peace :)

Abi Tobi said...

soo true... I think mine is lack of patience and it gets ugly sometimes *yikes*

Anonymous said...

do u still do the "dear In the Midst of her" posts? I do not see a link to send u a message

In the midst of her said...

Tosin: Good for you! That's strong scripture girl!!

Anonymous: Yes I do! Check to the middle screen on your right hand side or email me at


I hear! Working on some right now and still need to keep working... thank you ma.