Saturday, December 01, 2012

Through his Eyes…The Gift!

Checkmate! *Snap* * Snap* * Snap*!

Blair Waldorf and Nate

He looked at me at said “Inthe…” and just grabbed me in the tightest hug ever.  He stopped, looked at me again and pulled me in for another hug. I won’t lie… it was….well…heartbreaking. It was walking down memory lane all over again. Half of me loved him still as my brother but another piece of me was  being tempted to manipulate that love into something else.
Nothing in this ugly world comes easily.
We had shared a lifetime together; I remember being in pry 3 and him in primary 5 and him spilling his lunch on his uniform; he spent the day with oil on his shirt and it was hilarious.  I remember almost a decade of christmas and new years at each other’s house getting into trouble and having fun.  I remember being in sec school with him and watching him develop into the “cool, popular guy”….I remember….how he had fit into every frame of my life.

Well, you know us 9ja’s… the wedding was a 3 day event and we spent that time, talking, reminiscing over our childhood and catching up but we made sure never to broach the topic of him wanting to marry me. The hubster and Babyboy stayed at home so he respectfully asked of the hubster ( never calling him by name…lol) and my son and congratulated me for becoming a doctor.

It was safe and sweet until a  weird scene happened. While we were taking bridal party pics when an older lady came up to me. She said
“ Do you see that guy over there?”  ( Pointing at him…”)
“Yes, why what’s wrong” I asked
“I don’t mean to offend you but please be careful around him. I don’t know if you know this but he is in love with you”
(Keeping my cool) “ Why do you think so?”
let's talk 02 | Bronica C (1964) 6x6 medium-format film
“He has been watching every move you’ve made today, I can see it in his eyes. Dont you notice he is never more than a few steps away from you? and he is always maneuvering to sit close to you.  I suggest when you are around him, hold your husband real close so he understands you are a married woman”
I thanked her for her advice and walked away; inside I was shocked because she must have been paying close attention to us.

At the end of everything, he and I had a heart to heart; we had unfinished business and couldn’t hide it anymore. It was becoming impossible to ignore the past and where we had left off the last time  we saw each other.  He told me through out the wedding, he kept on kicking himself in the butt thinking “ This girl could have been my wife right now if I hadn’t been so stupid”.  I took a deep breath and said “ Yes, I would have been yours if you hadn’t been so stupid”. If he had said “Yes" to me, the first time I opened up to him, I would have been his but without a shadow of doubt I would have ultimately regretted it.
here's to letting go
His “stupidness” was actually God’s wisdom and  had been his greatest gift possible to me. His rejection and denial which had led to my shame and insecurities unbeknowst to me had been the greatest thing he could have ever down for me.  I actually owed him a thank you. A thank you for rejecting me and freeing me to meet my true love; the hubster. It was the hubster, his love, acceptance, encouragement and genuine support that God used as a chrysalis to turn this caterpillar into a butterfly. I had blossomed into whom I was made to be. I was beautiful.

That was it, there was nothing else to say. We had both said our piece and it was time to move on….

When I boarded that plane to go back back home, I mentally and emotionally said goodbye to the past; with piece in my heart ( and a smirk on my face….I won’t lie….lol) I closed a chapter to my life that had been left open a little too long. I couldn’t help but smile because I knew that the man waiting for me  on the other side was all I will ever need.

Saying Goodbye (291/365)
…when I got back home and gifted the hubster about all that happened, he smiled, shook his head and basically said “ That boy lost his chance a loooong time ago…he needs to get over it”  Hehe, I love that man!

THE END!!….there you go guys. The end! All this has been a true story! To those wondering if I am worried about the hubster finding out about this, rest assured, the hubster knew all about this before I even thought about writing it. I hold no secrets from him.

I learnt a lot from this chapter in my life and am going to write a “ Moral of the story…” piece next (…or soon)

…Musings from atop the potter’s wheel...


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous story! Thanks for sharing. WIthout a doubt, being rejected by one allows God to set you up for better.

Jennifer Abayowa said...

Nice end. Lovely closure. Glad you guys were able to talk about it, not everyone gets the chance to have a final closure like this one :)

ps: But that woman na aproko sha. Must people comment? As in "hold your husband close," or whatever she said was not necessary. Lol.

Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken said...

Fabulous writing as always..."His “stupidness" was actually God’s wisdom " those words actually stood out to me alot, its reminded me that every disappointment is always a blessing and looking back definitely allows one to see the great and mighty things God is doing.

Anonymous said...

yaaay! awesome... just s few typos.. "piece" for "peace" and "gifted" for "gisted"... or at least thats what i read them to be.
i wish you cold post everyday... but in a perfect world....

Unveilinggold said...

Lovely..Thanks God o..Sometimes what we think is best for us is actually bad..God is forever faithful...Well the guys gats keep it moving..

So I have a question, do you believe everyone has a soulmate?

Anonymous said...

So So Juicy!! i want more!!

Abi Tobi said...

awwww I am happy about your decision ... lovely story to learn from

Anonymous said...

Lovely ending. Every disappointment is indeed a blessing in disguise. I thank God for giving you a good man in your hubster.

Aseni said...

When things do not go ur way, God has a better plan...He sees the bigger picture.

I do wonder if its always so sha. Sometimes things dont work because of our sillyness. Like the guy in your story. He might have lost on something that should have been his. Does God have something else in store for him...

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

That was a great gift to your husband. Lovely post!

Jemima said...

what a lovely post, this had me wailing in yoruba.. i am such a sucker for love stories :)

Myne Whitman said...

So so sweet! Love the ending the best, and I think you can guess why :)

blogoratti said...

There's always a story behind everything. Good thing you had your closure, all the best!

Highly Favored said...

"His rejection and denial had been the greatest thing he could have ever done" Perfet realities here. Love it, thanks for sharing.

sugarspring said...

your story was amazing and you dont know how much u absorbed me in with this story and i'll share it.
ive read it a while ago on ur blog but couldnt comment on my phone and so i waited fr d right time and here it is
ur story has really encouraged me that what is yours will come cos God makes things beautiful in its time.
im so happy fr u and im glad i didnt cry wen reading this story cos i almost did.
hugs u fiercely for overcoming.
and tanx fr being a part of my 2012. i wish u an exciting 2013.
may u bless us more with ur posts

sugarspring said...

there's something else i want to comment on that i noticed on your blog
i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove the pictures you use. so matured and solid and beautiful and it fits so well into your stories. i love the ones in this last episode most especially. the one which touched my heart most while i read your post was the one when you flew back hoe and the pix of the man holding the girls hands just hit a soft spot within me.. i dont know how you do the things you do In the Midst of....but you do it good..wink**

Anonymous said...

God bless you sister.