Thursday, January 03, 2013

New Year…New Times!

Happy New Year 2013

We made it! We are the blessed ones fortunate to see the beginning of a new year. Wow!! God is good!!!

This year is going to be an exciting one for me. I have a LOT OF LIFE CHANGES in store and I will try to reveal them as time goes.

Last year, In this post I mentioned that my goal of 2012 was to close the “door” behind me. The door of the past shutting out people, places and experiences that I had gone thorough…Experiences that were doing me more harm than good. It gave me the chance to become a better person; I couldn’t be a better wife or mother if I didn’t work on myself first. Lol!!!Well this year, I am getting into the construction business y’all!!

Prov 14 vs 1: The wise woman builds her home...

This year I am going to take all that personal growth from 2012 and plug it into becoming a better wife and mother. There is still so many areas I know I can work on and this will be my task, my mission for 2013.

Anyhooos… How was your New years??? I hope you had a great time!!!

This year I have a lot of different posts in mind…When you guys talk, I listen. The posts include questions like "Soulmates; do they exist?” After my post about my experience with my childhood love, I got a LOT of questions about soul mates!!  What about "Love languages”, hmm, I learnt a lot about that last year and I would love to share it with you.  This year I also look forward to the PLEASURE of answering more "Dear Inthe…” Questions ( I love those!!!) If there are any topics you will like to see me write about, please feel free to send it in!

Letters Play Important Roles in our Lives

I look forward to sharing this year with you…may it shower us with God’s unrelenting Love!

…Musings from atop the potter’s wheel...


Anonymous said...

Happy new year to you! I am also in a construction mode in building my home this year :) I loved the part you you wrote about becoming a better person in order to be a better wife and mother. Looking forward to your planned posts for the year. All the best.

Tolulope Popoola said...

Happy new year to you dear. Hope this year is full of joy and fulfilment for you.

Anonymous said...

Happy New year!
I can't wait to read your new posts!

sugarspring said...

i look forward to the sizzling posts you'll have in stock for us then.
i wish you the best in your motherhood and marital journey
God bless...xo


Happy new year to u ma. I am looking forward to these posts o. I have got loads in store too. The new year has been amazing so far. Cant wait for all that is left to unfold. Blessings to u and ur family ma

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!! Can I just say I thank God for your life and him using you as an instrument in my life and in the lives of many? Last year I asked you for relationship advice and with your words of wisdom you help me avoid a situation that would have messed me up, at the time my vision was clouded by "feelings" but with your words and serious prayer I was able to re examine the situation. May God continue to fill your heart and soul with an overflow of His wisdom, peace, and love this year and in the years to come. Amen

In the midst of her said...

Hannah: Happy new year girl! Big things in store for us this year right!!

Tolu: Happy new year. I still get butterflies when I see your comments! LOL

Funmi: Happy New year!!! This year will be a blessing in your life!!

Sugarspring:Awww. Thanks for the encouragement!! Happy new year!

Sir Me sir….Happy new year!! this feels like a good year for wedding bells huh? LOL

Anon: WOW!!! Praiseeeeeeeeee GOD!!!! I thank God for your life and your testimony! God has great things in store for you and nothing will stop him. Keep pushing through!

1 + The One said...

Happy New Year!
It's always a pleasure to read your posts!
Hope your heart desires are fulfilled this year in Jesus name..