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Sex is..

I was looking through my posts and realized I never did the "Sex is..." continuation I promised! Well since I did a post on what "Sex is not..." it is only logical for me to do a post on what I believe it is...Please note I am writting from a biblical perspective. Enjoy!!

1-Sex is for "Members only"
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Sex is for married people only. I have heard people use everything from sincerity, love, loneliness, monogamy and even the devil to justify sexual intimacy before marriage and let'e be blunt…Na Lie. It's a sin. I'll be the first to admit, sexual purity is TREMENDOUSLY HARD especially when you love someone, but its what God commands. As part of the Virgin United Alumni, I can say it is still possible. ( Shout out to all my V's in the house. abeg, let the world say their own. God will honor your commitment!)

2-Sex is necessary

17. February - In Your Hand

Wives, listen up y'all…. Have you heard of Vitamin S? Lol...Sex is necessary and the more the better. Sex is a form of communication, encouragement, bonding and last but not least, pleasure so it should not be far from your minds. There is scientific evidence ( or should to support that the happiness level of  men who get it frequently is much higher than men who dont.

3- Sex is a language

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The  hips don’t lie. Sex is a deep language that can reveal the very depths of your soul. Through it you can express your emotions ( love, anger, fear etc) to your partner.

4- Sex is “Owed"

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    This is where I have to choose my words carefully….Like Paul said, Wives, you owe your husbands sex; husbands you owe your wives sex. As I mentioned in the previous post, it shouldn't be a form of punishment nor a reward but it should be given out liberally.

5-Sex is a Safeguard.

Love. Just that. Love.

Ladies, the world is getting crazier by the moment and its getter harder to be a man. The hubster tells me that as soon as it's a degree warmer than freezing, the christian man stops having anywhere safe to put his eyes because there's a naked chick on every block. Ain't that the truth? As married women, it's our job to ummmh... keep our men satisfied and secure in the knowledge that he will be satisfied because it helps a lot. Let me explain. Two men leave home, one's supper hungry because he hasn't had a home cooked "meal in one week. The other guy is so stuffed,  because his wife literallylives in the kitchen making sure he has 3 health square meals ( and snacks too if he needs These two men work in the same office and as they walk in, they pass a buffet table with some doughnuts and a sign that says "Help yourself" Who do you think is going to stop and eat? Unfortunately what Mr Hungry man doesn't know is that they are actually day old doughnuts (plus or minus a maggot or two) who've seen better days.  Mr Satisfied keeps it moving because he had way better.


Now, I hear what you are saying.  "'s not always day old doughnuts! Sometimes it's hot jollof rice with fried goat meat and chicken served on a gold platter with ice cold fanta" True- but the fact that Mr Satisfied isn't crazy with hunger gives him a chance to stop and consider the Pros and cons instead of letting hunger drive him into acting first and thinking later.

Side Note:
With this being said, Sex is only ONE part of marriage, it does not make a marriage.  I realize there are situations where women AND men find sex difficult due to  emotional struggles ( past issues of sexual, emotion or physical abuse) or physical difficulties (depression, side effects of medication or anatomical variations). I completely understand and empathize with the pain these issues can bring.

Healing Begins
More than anything I want you to know God is a redeemer and faithful to end. I encourage you to begin the process of healing be it through spiritual/psychological counseling or medical intervention. This process will require patience and understanding; invite God into your bedroom and may he bless you with the strength to overcome.

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1 + The One said...

Thank you, thank you for this post!!!!
Love it :-) xx

sykik said...

True talk, you just said it as it is. God help us all.

thatigbogirl said...

Thanks for this post. This is awesome.....May God help us as He prepares a table for us in Marriage!!!

In the midst of her said...

1 Plus: You are more than welcome! I enjoyed writing it.

Sykik: Amen oooh! Thanks for posting and welcome to my blog!

ThatIgbogirl: This yoruba girl is saying Thank you for posting!!!!! lol

Salt said...

I also see sex, in marriage, as a form of worship to God and an instrument of warfare against anything that might want to come btw my mgm and I. So when I see that look in his eyes even when am not in that space, I remember this. It helps.

The devil knows how powerful sex is and that's how come he is doing his best to 'twist' it all up.

Destiny said...

good to know you doing great, regards to your family.

E' said...

i love number one...
sex is for members only!!!
il do a post on ds...
i have so much to say on this but let me not spam your readers and u...
fabulous darling...

Abi Tobi said...

thanks for this post