Saturday, September 21, 2013

My Man...all Man to the very last drop.

The Simpsons, Family Guy, Married w/ Children, Malcolm in the middle…what do they all have in common? Stupid, inept husbands; utterly useless fathers!

Watch TV for an hour and check out the commercials (advertisements) what would you see? Husbands who are absolutely brainless or with the IQ of a soldier ant if lucky.  You think I’m kidding, check out this commercial that is currently running on American TV.

Watch it again…did you notice how many mistakes the husband made? Did you notice with how much ease the wife was able to share this shame with an outsider? Basically, the husband, head of the household and all is degraded to the butt of a joke.

Here's another one.
Another display of the stupidity of husbands; but this time their general tendency to be gross is added. It's so much easier for these wives to stuff their face with yogurt while lusting after a figment of their imagination than to deal with their husbands. I take this commercial a bit harder than the others because these "wives" and I use the term ever so loosely; have completely checked out of their marriage. How else would you explain their behavior. It's much easier to check out than to take the effort to "toush" up their men and to make matters worse, homegirl is teaching her friend her mental "checkout" method as well.

What's the cost of your husband's manhood? A tub of yogurt topped with adultery.

It's getting to a point that not only do women know they have stupid husbands, kids also know they have stupid fathers. In this next commercial, even though the dad wants to help the kid, its obvious the kid is much smarter than her dad and after mom and kid exchange glances, its ultimately decided that the only thing the father could possibly be any help with is....(drum roll) washing the dog. It even takes the mom yelling on the dad before he moves.

Now you may think I am being sensitive but take note on how many "stupid father, inept, fat, lazy husband" commercials you see on TV. Main stream media knows they no born iyanla won well to try that with women but obviously, no one cares if they do it to the men. I seriously take offense to these portrayals because we have gotten so use to them and I see these as tools to the undermining of men and their masculinity. Let's be honest, with men, take away their manhood and you just might as well kill them.

But me ooh.... ask me of my man anytime any day. No shaking ever! I will tell you the hubster is the head of my home and the leader of the pack. I want my future kids to know that their mother loves and respects their father and they will be trained to do exactly the same. He is not the butt of a joke or  a thing to be ridiculed. No, when he talks, everyone especially mommy listens. My husband. Oluwaremilekun temi is a man's man. The chosen of God. All man and not a drop less. He is wise, he is strong, a Tim's man to da core. A soldier, the keeper and protector of his family's heart. I am not going to wait for the world to encourage, build and celebrate my man for the person he is, with God’s help, I ( and our future children) will be doing that even before he walks out of the house.

It is not easy and I admit sometimes, respecting in words and actions is much easier said than done. Growing up, I was a super feminist. I loved cutting a guy down to the bones and I did it any chance I got! Back then, God forbid I let my guard down and let of all things some man walk all over me. Although God has brought me far, I know there are still remnants deep inside of me. For example, the hubster has been bringing to my attention the need to control my expressions when he says things I dont like. Yes, praise God I had learned to control my tongue, I just needed to try harder on my expressions. But God so help me I will try! Olowo Ori mi,  I know you are reading this, I promise to try harder.  For I want to respect him as much in private as I do in public. Eish! the work of a provs 31 wife is never done.

...Musings from atop the potter's wheel.


Anonymous said...

Blogpost on marble yo!!!
*long comment alert*
My darling Inthe..., kindred spirits confirmed!!!
I was on a personal retreat over the weekend and one thing I know God spoke to me about was that men need to be MEN and women (esp their women) have a part to play. In prayers yup and also in action.
'Her husband is known in the gates...'
I heard it so much this weekend in my spirit. You can't treat ur man like scum and we can't afford to take the rein from them either. God didn't give us that responsibility. The man needs to be the man!!!
U know I mentioned a girl's night out. This morning when we woke, those were the two prayer points I raised... Let our men be MEN indeed and then let we women receive the Grace to submit to their MANHOOD (u get my point loooo)
Then I'm on my way back to Lagos this morning and I open my fave blog and I read this...
Please I have to rant about the ads...
For the first ad, it must have been d Holy Spirit that opened your eyes to the points you raised. And that is so true. *Dear God, help us. We can't even joke abourrit*
The second ad? The most stupid ad I have ever seen. Gosh!!! It was thur that I said I would do a post on 'That Ad is NOT real'. I'm amazed as to what ads promise and can NEVER deliver. And some gullible people will believe and buy. Gosh!!!
The third ad??? No words. I see it has been banned. Someone is thinking. Ha ahn. See rundown oooo!!! #TeamHian
I can't view the fourth yet. I only pray it is a good one ooo biko...
Again, Blogpost on marble darling...
Will get my friends to read abeg.

Mwajim Al said...

NIce post. Although, I will say I guess I have never thought being a feminist was mutually exclusive with allowing a Man to be a Man. I think our modern culture, together with the historical past (well just because nothing happens in a vaccum) has made it that we think those two are mutually exclusive. Being a feminist (in my opinion) is social justice for all (both man and woman, child and adult)... it becomes a matter of opinion if it also means talking back to a man, not letting him hold doors etc or simply put, allowing him to be a man (I guess)... but then again, I would like to believe Masculinity and Feminity goes beyond what the one gender can do for the other... Sorry, I feel like I'm blabbing. In essence, I was just trying to say that I think one can still be a feminist (in the non-condescending sence of it) and allow men their masculinity.

In the midst of her said...

E: You just keep me in stitches. You are just too much. Amen and amen

Mwajim: No you are not ranting! I get you loud and clear. My dear, the truth is although you have an enlightened view of feminism, it is NOT the current understanding of the word. I watched a 4 hour documentary of the origin of feminism and can you believe it was created to fight for women on things such as equal rights, career advancement and to break ridiculous myths that all women were good for were baking and birthing.

Unfortunately, as what happens to most good things, this movement got mutated into a “I’m better than a man” Dont you dare try and tell me anything” idea my generation fell captive too.

Yes, feminism was created from a great idea, No, it is not in its original form. Therefore, I am no longer a feminist.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a timely post as this. Wives really need to start respecting the God given authority on their husbands.

This post Blessed me richly.

Love from Dubai :)

Unyime-Ivy King said...

Hi there my sister, this is my first time commenting on your blog, and I see that a lot of godly stuff is going on here which I want to identify with.

I am inspired by this post and one scripture came to my mind and I will paraphrase: that we should not be conformed to this world, but we should be transformed by the renewal of our minds. So many godly principles and values have been twisted and perverted by our society and it takes a real christian to say 'NO!' and take a stand. God created the male to be the head, priest and leader of the home in every sense of the word, and a true head will not emasculate the woman of the home. I share your thoughts completely and would never add my voice to the voices out there that want to devalue and ridicule the man's leadership in the home.

I also had feminist ideals, like you shared yours, but God has brought me a long way, and I enjoy being my husband's wife and submitting to his leadership in our home because it frees me to be the wife God created me to be, and I try to model this for my children. I also bless God that I have a man, who is not threatened by me in any way and is truly a man, so he does not use 'submission' to oppress me, but makes it a mutual thing and I respect him for that. Thanks for the red alert on this dangerous trend. We should not ignore it.

Do stop by at mine's: God bless your home and marriage.

1 + The One said...

Preach! Word! (Everything together)..

You know, until you highlighted it, I didn't think much of it. I just thought and unconsciously went along with the stereotyping of men..

Mehn. This post has 'woken me up'! No more, no more, no more.. Let me start affirming etc and show respect to not just my man but men generally so that they don't feel comfortable conforming to type...

Like E said, I'm so sharing this!

A reformed feminist :-D xx

cee said...

I have No words for those Ads.

We don't have to put any gender down to prove a point of equality. Life would be so much easier when we accept the fact God made the Man the head for a reason.

Sadly if we keep promoting "Stupid, inept husbands and utterly useless fathers" that's what we'll find in the society.

Thanks for this very insightful post.