Saturday, November 16, 2013

A bit of awkwardness...

Her:   Hello!

So this is kind of an awkward email to send but I figured I would just write it once so I wouldnt always wonder. 
I have been working on a rebrand for a few months. My blog is a business that brings a little bit of income to my family. So, I prayed about things and looked up a ton of different scriptures. I landed on Psalm 46:5 and was pretty convinced this was the branding for me. I looked up the URL and it was free. I also checked facebook and instagram and they were both free as well. Thats when I found that you had the twitter and the email account as well as the blogspot blog address.
 Obviously, I had no idea before I started this whole process and would have moved on to a different branding if I had known. I know this is kind of weird but I dont know how established you are or set in your name so I figured I might as well ask. I would really love to have the email address and twitter handle inthemidstofher so I dont have to start a whole new process. Is there any way you'd be willing to part with them or are you totally set in them? 

Me: Hi  
I can only imagine the strength it took to write that email. Thank you. 
I'm not sure if you looked at my blog but Inthemidstofher is a Christian blog I started six years ago with the desire to provide african women encouragement and biblical advice in regards to love,relationships, marriage and biblical womanhood. 
damn! It was here a second ago!
Through this blog, God has not only transformed my life but many African women who are largely ignored in the blogosphere. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am very attached to this name (actually "attached"  is an understatement) and can not possibly let it "go". I see it as the name of my ministry and I believe God has big plans for it. Since our God is not a God of confusion, I know he will find a way to accomplish through you what he wills. 

Thanks so much for responding. I wasn't asking you to let go of your name entirely. Mostly just the twitter handle. I have saved "themidstofher" twitter and would be willing to give you that and pay you for your twitter handle. Your blog is awesome and so encouraging. I know I can find another email address but the twitter would be really important to me. I see that you are following only X people and have XX twitter followers. 
Briefcase With Cash
My online ministry is mostly via twitter (my current twitter has  1463 followers) and that is where I get a lot of my work for the influence network done. I would be willing to pay you via PayPal to your email address for you to let go of that twitter handle. You wouldn't have to delete what you currently have, just change the name- even to midstofher or whatever. Please Let me know if you would even consider that. 

This is not about money, it's about a calling. As a fellow Christian I hoped you would understand that. To offer me money for it is quite insulting; some things are just not for sale. The answer remains the same. 
You're not listening anyway.
I am quite aware of many twitter followers I have; actually I've been on twitter for only about a year or so. Maybe if its God's will, I'll have as many as you have someday.  I wish you God's blessings in all your endeavors. 

On second thoughts…maybe I should have asked for $10,000…lol

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Abi Tobi said...

LOOL.. what? wait. what?

E' said...

Say what?????????
'Midstofher' or whatever????
This ain't real!!!!! Noooooo

Akibo tommie said...

oh.. really awkward.. for real? Now, offering money is just not it at all..

She should know better na.. we love inthe errm.. the real inthe *awks*

1 + The One said...

I am actually quite speechless.. I guess you should be flattered? I don't even know. Let me go back to my speechless state.. I like the way you responded to her..

naijawife said...

don't you dare go anywhere! you are not for sale!

Frances Okoro said...

And I already gave my answer on twitter,(yes I am one of d xx followers,hehe)..inthemidstofher isn't for sale,can never be for sale and will never ever be for sale.
#that is all.

Unyime-Ivy King said...

It's quite flattering to receive such an offer, but like you rightly responded to her, this is ministry, hence you cannot take up this offer. Admirable that you stood your grounds. Kudos.

Debby Dyk said...

Yes you would have asked for 10,000... So long as you are still keeping the name

Anuoluwa said...

I'm one of your avid readers and a huge fan and also proud to call you my aunty, cos we r cool like that lol. i had no idea you were on twitter, i'm about to go follow you and campaign for more followers jor. it's not only "midstofher" it is "midstofit" why didn't she just rebrand to "midstofher", coming here to cause awkwardness, omo park well!!