Thursday, December 12, 2013

My encounter with an Angel….

Do you believe in Angels?

Once upon a time my then bestie in college invited me to spend a couple of weeks with her in nigeria.  I was excited beyond imagination. I had never been to nigeria as an adult and the fact that it was with my bestie who was an “igboro” chick made it all the more special. I was ready to go absolutely nuts and do all the things I’d been watching in my Nollywood movies. ( Can you hear the immaturity in that nonsense?) At that point in my life, I was unsaved but still a typical good girl.  The light and the dark were both trying to lay claim on my life and I went with whatever suited my mood. This time around, I was going to let loose in naija and go with the dark…just for a little while.

Good vs. Evil

Fast forward a month and school was out for vacation. Me and my girl boarded our flights and found ourselves  in naija! Ha! Let the madness begin. From Suya spots to Obesere/Valentine concerts to hanging with the “wrong crowd”…it was on and popping. One day, I got a call from a girlfriend in the University of Ibadan who wanted me to come spend a weekend on campus with her. I had never been to a university Campus so I was ready to check it out. To prove my big girl status, I was going to travel from Lagos to Ibadan on my own ( if you knew me and my upbringing, you would understand that is a BIG thing for me). Early that morning, the driver dropped me at Ojota bus garage and I was ready to go!  As soon as the driver dropped me, I took off the jacket I was wearing. Underneath, your girl was wearing a halter top that left NOTHING to imagination. It didn’t’ help that I am very well endowed and the only thing that kept me from being topless were two strings, not longer or thicker than shoelaces. Now in my head, I wasn’t doing anything wrong; this was how I dressed back home in the states and I felt that if worse comes to worst,  I might get just a whistle here or a stare there.

Strings that tie to you (Jon Brion)

Ladies, the second I took off my jacket was SURROUNDED by garage boys. “Aunty where are you going?” “ What are you looking for” Being the JJC, I was, I answered “ UI”. They all started pulling at me.  I was being mobbed literally and in the midst of people trying to get me to get on their bus, some were just trying to touch me and pull my top. In a matter of seconds, I was lost, incoherent and I truly doubted I was going to leave that place in one piece.  As I was struggling with these guys, trying to stand my ground, a small petite woman who was half my height and weight suddenly appeared out of nowhere She screamed “ Leave her alone”.

Holding hands in front of the Sea
My people, it was like jazz! The red sea of madness that surrounded me quietly parted and she gently took my hand and led me through them. I was grateful and so relieved. (The hubster tells me that without her, I would have been stripped completely naked to teach me a lesson!) I followed her without question! I didn’t care where she was taking me, as long as it was away from there. She  led me away from the area and took me to the right bus and gave me directions on how to get to UI. She even stayed back to watch me get on. The funny thing was that  once I got on, I turned back to say “Thank you"… She was gone.

I don’t know if you believe in angels…but I do.

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naijawife said...

Thaaaaank God for that Angel who came to your rescue. I love people who do good deeds and don't expect you to thank them for it. True selflessness.
p.s. - I don't think you'd have been raped in public, but you'd definitely have been roughed up a bit! Those touts in the car parks are the worst.

Debby Dyk said...

God saving us despite our 'foolishness'
Thank God oh! Maybe there would not have been any 'in the' now...

Worship and swag said...

Aww that was so nice of her. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. People shouldn't joke with "omo ita" stories o. I chicken out when I hear them! Glad you were safe, wanna be "igboro" chick. Lol :D

Akibo tommie said...

Those bus parks. Sigh. I never bother to say where I am going to them, I just walk in like I know where I'm going till I find the next normal looking old man.

I believe in angels they are among us all day everyday.

I hope i am an angel to someone someday

Daughter of Her King said...

wow, that is pretty deep...
Amazing testimony too.
On that note, very brave to have done that i.e. travel all the way by yourself but there was a lesson ahead.
Thank God for his protection. x

Naijawife said...

Whoop whoop for the update!

Salt said...

I totally believe in angels. I call them angels in people skin. Just like the one who came to your rescue. Thank God for that!

In the, what made you remember this story?

E' said...

Salt same thing I am thinking... 'What made her remember this story?'
Igboro chic of life!!!!!!! :p
Obesere tho....looooooooooool
In ojota, boys are not smiling.
Tommie lol at normal looking old man. True that.
Gosh I miss the ancient city of Ibadan. Major.
Oh yes I definitely believe in Angels.

1 + The One said...

God is so real! Even when we are planning to do 'baddd stuff' He still lovingly looks out for us.
When I sit down to think of many instances He demonstrated His love to me even 'while I was yet a sinner' (before I even knew what it meant to have a relationship with Him), I marvel!
Thank God for your life hun! + This post made me know you more *big grin*.. If you have stayed so long abroad, I expect that you have an accent (Just saying, cause of E's post about hearing your voice!!)... Plus from your posts, I would never have imagined that you have ever been 'un-bornagain' lol.. As in, you wore halters that left little to the imagination?! *shock gasp* hahaha
PS what is your love for igboro people and things?! lol
Lovely post! xx

Uje Alfred said...

I believe in angels...God has saved me like that in the past...maybe I'll write about it someday plus I loove ur blog

Abi Tobi said...

awww. Naija can be though! my friend went visiting last year and it was too hot so she wore a regular tube maxi-dress (actually not showing much).. she went to the market with her mom... at the market, people where pulling her and cursing at her saying she was one of those stealing their husbands .. *stunned* how??

I believe in angels!

Anonymous said...

Real angel O! I was cringing in my chair