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Pulling a Ruth…Part 2

Hey Guys, thanks for your patience! I felt the harassment love as you guys waited for this post. Enough yarn… Enjoy!

In my last post, I explained why I felt a woman asking a guy out was unbiblical and the cry in response to this was “SO WHAT’S A GIRL TO DO THEN??!??” Which is absolutely a valid question.  In this post, I am going to explain how a Christian woman can make her feelings and intentions known to the christian brother.

Ruth 2 vs 1: It so happened that Naomi had a relative through marriage…His name was Boaz 

Why is this scripture important? We all know Ruth is going to end up with Boaz and they did a lot of back and forth to get to that stage but Ruth started off on the right foot by doing this back and forth with the RIGHT person. Back in their day, a widow was supposed to marry her  husband’s next of kin. Ruth did not spend her energy on a guy she couldn’t and didn’t want a future with. What am I trying to say? Dont be going out there trying to pull Ruth with a guy you shouldn’t even be considering. I don’t need to tell you that for you to even be “feeling” the guy he must be a christian, strong in his faith and 1Tim 3’ing all day ‘err day 24/7 right? I don’t have to tell you that you sef must be conscious of the step you are about to take, not see this as a temporary distraction and ready to go hard to the finish abi? Most importantly, are you are truly deserving of the guy and willing to bring as much to the table as he will? Good I though so..loll

Ruth 2 vs 5: Boaz asked [his servant] “who is this young woman? Where did she come from?”

I love this part! Why? because Boaz noticed her while she was up and about living her life. In the verses before this, Ruth was out in the field getting her work on and handling her business; it was while she was working sef, sweat and all, that Uncle Boaz noticed her!  Ruth didn’t spend her time trying to catch his eye but spent what time she had taking care of her responsibilities. I have a very close girlfriend who is single and seeking the gift of marriage. But while she’s seeking, she is enjoying her life to the fullest while  also improving herself and systematically moving up the corporate ladder. She is currently the executive in a huge fortune 500 company and is completely sold out for Jesus. I remember her gisting me about how the “mothers in Church” were accusing her of being too ambitious. They had the gall to warn her that she will never find a husband if she keeps on making too much money or increasing her career levels because it only proves she will be hard to control as a wife. It broke my heart; not because of  the chance of my girl believing them (My girl has her head on straight, she knows rubbish when she hears it) but because I know they were probably selling the same rubbish to other naive girls who were going to take that as fact and gospel. Ladies, while you seeking your Boaz, don’t ignore yourself or your dreams, keep improving yourself.

Ruth 2 vs 8-16: Then Boaz spoke to Ruth…from now on, don’t go to any other field, stay here [in my field]. At Lunch time, Boaz said to her “Come over here, eat some bread, dip it in wine. She ate her fill and even had some left over. Boaz ordered his servants “ Let her glean where there is still plenty of grain in the ground- make it easy for her. Give her special treatment. Ruth [told Naomi, her mother-in law] “Listen to this, he also said…"

The typical situation I’ve encouraged girls to pull a Ruth is the ever confusing "We are friends and and get along great but I really can’t tell if he’s interested in me or not". You swear he’s looking at you “one kain like this” but you aren’t 100% sure. You want to know once and for all if this guy is feeling you or not! I would assume Ruth felt the same way here. This guy showering her with such favor(I am sure he did not invite other servants into his tent to share his lunch); could it be that he liked her or maybe he was just very generous. So what did she do? She told someone about it. There is nothing like an “outside view” of a guy you are interested in. It is well known that once you start jones-ing and the juices start flowing, you might not be able to see things rationally. Ruth went home and told her older, wiser and Christian, mother-in-law. How can we relate this to our present time? Some girls tend to tell and ask advice from just anyone. Just as an unsaved person, can’t see the benefit of a christian guy,  a person too young may not see the benefits of leaving the game and monogamy. The person you tell should have lived an exemplary life and be able to give you objective, honest and biblical based advise on the guy and the situation.  In some situations, they may also tell you that the guy is not truly what you think he is and for you to keep looking. Luckily for Ruth, her MIL told her to “Hold on to this one!” In fact, Naomi was so delighted, she decided to help Ruth…Uhm,  do the move that will forever be known as pulling a Ruth!

…To be Continued

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E' said...

This one
I am not screaming oooo
I am just wowed as to the insight you brought to this.......
I mean I have read that scripture plenty and I do believe in Pulling a Ruth but nne you nailed this.
Even I am catching more rhema as I read.
Talk about my own Zezezeze moment right here on your blog.
While waiting for Part 3, this is near perfect! !!!

Our Stories Inc. said...

Lovely post, Inthe!

Can't wait for Part 3 :)

Frances Okoro said...

I know what you mean E, I caught lessons from the bible passage used in this post which she didn't talk about per say..
waiting for more sha, I wont harass you in the, I am just

Akibo tommie said...

Part 3?? I am screaming!! First because you promised to tag me and didn't *pouts* and 2nd we have to waitttt!!!

Loving and learning... I shall wait till the end :)

1 + The One said...

Screamsssssssssssssss! Nooooooooooooo.. Lol
Just as I was settling in and gleaning serious wisdom, I learm there's a part III..
Dearest Inthe.. have mercy plix..
Love the post.. Seriously love it. Thank you xx

Uche Okonkwo said...

Ahn ahn, InThe, why you nor finish am na?

But this is seriously on point, especially on seeking advice from the right people. Not everyone that has a mouth has godly wisdom.

Stupendousgrace said...

Thank you for what you have done (Part 1), for what you are doing (Part 2) and for what you will do (Part 3). LOL.
Thanks for your insight, very true about Ruth being busy pursuing purpose and about needing a 'qualified' mentor to seek advice from when Boaz appears.
Dear In The, oya, now that I have thanked you in advance, do and make good your word and post Part 3, as a daughter of your father, I trust it will be soon.

Maggielola said...

All the words jumped out at me like "GBOA! Stop seducing the drummer with your runs during worship service."

Okay I digress, lool. But while we're going about doing our jobs our intentions might be foul. In that case...*sings* only Jesus can save, only Jesus can save... lol

Ma'am, you're gifted. God bless you! :)

nike said...

Haba..When did u join nollywood? U were getting to the koko of kokos.
Your analogy reminds me of one Heather Lindsey gives. Cant wait for part 3.

femispks said...

I thought pt2 will be the full ans, dis one is full of clues though, I love it, waiting for part three bt I hope we will nt ve to enter pt4 like nollywood.....:)

E' said...

Loooool El
I love your past present and future thanks ooo
Oya over to you Inthe'licious

Eniola Prentice said...

I didn't know jist like this was going on. I also think timing is important because the back and forth or feeling each other out had to come at the appointed time. Great and insightful post.

Anonymous said...

Wow I looove how you shed light on scriptures...I've never seen seen the story in this light...Thank you soo much!