Tuesday, December 02, 2014

An act of submission...

During these past weeks[the]Lord had shown her that she could not expect [her husband] not to make mistakes. Not to hurt her, even unintentionally. [S]urendering her life into his keeping meant she trusted God to work out the details. She trusted The Lord [to] cover her husband's insufficiencies and provide for her needs in the midst of them. She trusted God to be her provider. 
                                                                            Harvest of Gold--Tessa Afshar

One of my biggest fear about being submissive; a question I've constantly worried over was "If I dropped my will in order to be submissive, who was going to take care of me?" I mean if I thought of the hubster and the hubster was thinking of God; who was exactly thinking about me? Early in my marriage, this fear had made a guarded wife, someone who searched for and "blocked" any situation that might have made  me feel used or unheard. Well recently, God showed me that he had, was and will be FOREVER be thinking of me.... Let me share my story.
but hold me still bury my heart on the cold.

 There was an issue that popped up between the hubster and I. He wanted to do it one way but I wanted to do something else. We both discussed it back and forth but the hubster was adamant that his decision was the best. Now one thing about the hubster is that he rarely argues with me. Nine out of ten times, unless it's major, he let's me have my way; so if he ever says NO, I back off.... Immediately!  It was important that I showed him his word had "weight" with me and that I didn't take his "easiness" for granted. So in this situation, I knew I had to be obedient but what do you do when the bible calls for submission but I felt completely different? This was a HUGE life changing situation and I could not shake the uneasiness I felt over the hubby's decision.

 Unconditional surrender / RendiciĆ³n 

So what did I do? I took it to the Lord in prayer and received one word "Trust" and that's what I did. Even though I disagreed with the hubster's decision, I let go. I went to hubster, told him I respected and supported his decision and then dropped the matter.The truth is he was the head of our home and ultimately responsible to God first. I could have argued my way but submission in marriage is not submitting to let a man walk all over you; but ultimately submitting, releasing and letting go to God.

Fast forward a week...
The hubster called me and said we needed to talk. He had been thinking and praying about that issue at hand. He first of all thanked me for submitting to his decision even though I was against it. He knew I could have easily da si rough but I didn't. 
 Hay batallas que solo se ganan de rodillas / There are battles that are won on his knees only
He admitted that my decision to go with his made him search deeper for God's wish on the matter because he held the responsibility of leading our family and whether we walked the right way or wrong way, it would be on his head.  He  had sought and prayed more and felt the conviction  that my decision was God's decision. With that said, we were going to do the thing my way. 

Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!
To say I was surprised was an understatement!! Now Inthe of years ago would have pat herself on the back. She would have gotten up and strutted about like a peacock, head swollen with pride on how she had gotten her way and how God himself was in agreement. I would have snickered and advised the hubster to listen to me more and how this marriage was a 50-50 thing. 


Well praise God because Inthe of today was  in utter shock.  I had laid down my desires, submitted to another and God had picked those desires right back up and placed them in a place of honor. I realized there and then that regardless of where this marriage or life took me, God would always be looking out for me. I did not need to fear the act of submission because he would never allow me to be trampled on. In honoring my husband, God had honored me. 

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Ifeoluwa Olawole said...

Inthe!!!! I am happy you have a new post. *squealsss* Okay, let me go read it now.

Highly Favored said...

Amen. Such a great testimony. Thanks for sharing.

Debby Dyk said...

wow... I'm glad and encouraged by this...
thank you for this testimony and reminder that God's got us covered.

Frances Okoro said...

I admit, I have also wondered/struggled about understanding submission.
I asked God on a certain day- lkLord,how do I reconcile your putting a passion in me for helping broken women find their way back to you, women battered and assaulted..and also being submissive to my man? How?
+ the fact that I can be strongheaded too.
I'm learning, God is teaching me and He also expounded to me that submitting to my man is in a way like the relationship I have with God.

My flesh may not like it but I submit to God's will for me because I know he knows best and has my best interest at heart..its same with my marriage, I may not like it but like you said, I trust that my hubby(future hubby) has my best interest at heart + made the ryt decision.

Thanks for this inthe

1 + The One said...

Aww. I was so blessed reading this.
Thank God for the wisdom He has given you, and thank God for giving you the grace to share it.
Your marriage makes me smile... And look forward to getting married. May God continue to bless you in Jesus name xx

Eju said...

The final statement got me! "in Honoring my husband, God had honored me"!Thanks for sharing and allowing God use your life lessons to teach others! x

Gee said...

"I did not need to fear the act of submission because he would never allow me to be trampled on. In honoring my husband, God had honored me."

*nods head*
You have said it best with that line. That's the God we serve.