Thursday, April 09, 2015

One language....One force.

But the Lord came down...he said."The people are united, and they all speak the same language. After this, nothing they set out to do will be impossible for them."
                                                                                                                     ---Gen 11:5-6

I like to think of myself as a linguist of sorts. I speak three languages and can understand and mess about with 1 or two more. I think the ability to express oneself is great but the ability to make another person understand you is even greater. Although I live in the US, I've always wanted my children to learn yoruba; not only because its their mother tongue but so I can speak to them privately in a public arena. For example, if I catch baby boy acting one kain in public, I simply say, "Kai" or if need be "Ma no e ooh" and he stops! i can publicly threaten to spank my kid without some oyinbo woman calling the cops on me.

It also works with the Hubster. In public, I love it when we share inside jokes, flirt or gossip in yoruba. It's like having our own corner of the world to ourselves. Its very important that he knows that I love him, respect him and am willing to go the distance with him; I try to voice this constantly and need him to understand it. In marriage, language goes beyond whether you speak yoruba or english or any of the other languages out there. More importantly, its about speaking the same thing spiritually and emotionally. Its about having the same goals, dreams and desires.

Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other [and] they stopped building ...Gen 11 v7

The other day, my bestie and I were discussing how the enemy tries to plant seeds of confusion in marriages through the words we speak and what we hear. You know those situations...where your man says one thing and the devil translates it into something else for you.

For example, you and your man are going to a friend's birthday party...

Hubby: Babe,  that skirt you're wearing is cute but honestly too short. Do you think you can change it?

Devil (whispers in your ears): Ooooohhhhhh did he just call you a slut?Why is he trying  to command you into changing your clothes? He must not think you spiritually wise enough to make your own fashion decisions. Why is always trying to control you? Remember that time he.....

You (to hubby): Stop trying to control me! Na only you get Holy spirit? I was dressing before you met me...

Before you know it, you're at each other's throats.

The tower of Babel was possible because they spoke one language; then they stopped building when their language was confused.  Marriages are more powerful when you and your husband speak the same language. What are your thoughts on raising children, the direction of the family or individual ministry? Now while you may have different thoughts on things going into marriage, there needs to be some kind of SOTU that will hash things out. Now please understand I am talking about things you can actually work out; the arts of a marriage, not the sciences. Please dont think you can marry an idol worshiper bent on marrying three wives and SOTU the issue out later. Lai lai...You are setting your house on fire. So take a lesson from the bible and make your relationship that tower of babel, a strong unified fort that can not be easily broken.  Do what it takes, speak a language of love, of unity and just watch...nothing will be able to tear you down!

...Musings from atop the potter's wheel


E' said...

For me this is too spot on lol
Just yesterday hubs was asking me where in heaven I got an absolutely different explanation or intepretation to something seemingly straightforward he said.
Infact by the time he calmly finished setting me in order, me sef embarrass lol.
Devil sha. Any small space e go enter.
I jump and pass lol
BTW am I fuuurrrrssssttt???
Any prizes?
Muah hunnay
I di too mush...

blogoratti said...

This was very interesting, and thanks for sharing!

1 + The One said...

Loved this as always... I am seriously learning!
You are right about interpretation being very important. I know I have 'gawked' many times when I immediately responded without properly listening or when I interpret something different in my head.. Communication is so so importatant!
God help us!

Akibo Tomilola said...

Ohhh... Tell me about the mis interpretation! Jeeezz!! I just go off on a tangent most times and I hear something TOTALLY different from what he really meant x_x

So, I usually just keep quiet and let it sink or just say 'This is what I hear you say... Is that what you mean?'

I am learning sha! Irris nor an elzy something though!

In the midst of her said... Shame is not your portion but I feel you!!

Blogoratti: Your welcome!

One+:Muah! We are all learning.

Tomi: I have inherited that statement. Love it!