Saturday, May 30, 2015

5 tips to surviving wedding season.

So in celebration of the up coming wedding season, I am creating a "5 tips to survive..." guide.  This series will be an attempt to give specific and personal tips on surviving everything "relationship". These are things that have worked for me and the successful relationships around me. So let's kick things of with 5 tips to surviving wedding season as a single. 


I love wedding season. No, you don't understand. I LOVE wedding season. Lol. From planning to partying;I love it all. I know the feeling is not shared by many and for some singles, wedding season is a depressing reminder of the fact that they are still...well, single. So I'm going to give you 5 tips on how to live through wedding season. 

1) Decide to be happy.  
Happiness is a decision! So you are going to be a bridesmaid for the 55th time and as wedding season starts drawing close, you already feel the depression/anxiety setting in. STOP! 

 Wedding People 32

The first thing you need to do is agree that you will BE HAPPY. Happy with yourself and your current situation. No one can love you the way you love yourself so refuse to let any person or situation bring you down. 

2) Create a buffer system. 
That Aunty/sister/mommy is asking you "when are you going to get married"  or reminding you how " all your mates are on their 3rd child now" and that " you are getting older everyday".

 Wedding People 17

What can you do? Create a support system. As you navigate wedding season, surround yourself with people who love you for you. Friends and family who will encourage you when you are tempted to feel down.

3)Value your time. 
Choose to honor some not ALL wedding IVs. 
As my Nigerian people love to say "is it by force?" Ladies you don't have to go to every wedding you are invited to nor honor every invitation to be a  bridesmaid. Just recently I had to turn down an invitation to be a bridesmaid because the sacrifice it would require was a tad too much.

 Michigan Pocketfold Invitation

Pick and choose events that truly make you happy and people who will make you feel encouraged in  your waiting for love, not desperate. Value your self and your time. 

4)... But do go to some, weddings are the best place to mingle. 
This is sort of a continuation from #4. While you ignore the IVs not worth going, please do attend the good ones.
 Running for the bouquet.

There is no better place to mingle like weddings. Attending a good christian wedding increases your chance of meeting a good christian guy. Dress to the nines and strut your stuff girlfriend!

 5)Pamper yourself. 
And above all, pamper yourself. If this wedding season finds you still single even though you wish otherwise, take the time to pamper yourself both physically but especially emotionally.

Rekindle the fire of self love within yourself and do something special. 

... For I know my thoughts toward you ...(Jer 29:11)

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the fashion engineer said...

I don't like weddings tho,not that I feel bad that people are getting married and im single *at least not yet*
I just like the noise andcserenre
I'll share this with my friends sha

In the midst of her said...

Hahahah...@ at least not yet!
Thanks for sharing girlfriend!

E' said...

In Nigeria, every season is wedding season. No month is exempt tho I think it peaks a bit in December/early January and then easter but still, tz a whole 'year of wedding season'
I love the 'dress to the nines and strut ur stuff'. Will steal this for my post and then reference this post.

Long time girl. I soooo miss you muchos


E' said...

Meanwhile I dunno if I love weddings sef. I must have attended between 10 and 12 in my adult lifetime hehehe. But I know I love to dress up so here's hoping from this year, there will be at least one in 3months I attend, KingDaveed in tow heheh

In the midst of her said...

E: There is nothing like looking sexy after having a baby! You go girl!!!

Vic said...

lovely points......and true, limit the weddings. its fun to go out, you never know where you would meet MR RIGHT but too much of everything is bad.

Nice one Inthe

In the midst of her said...

Vic: Yes!!!!! Plus I've heard that you find love when you are not looking. So just go out there and live LIFE!

Anonymous said...

oh I don't mind weddings and wedding seasons even though I am single. I am learning that not every couple getting married do it for the right reason, some are pressured and there is no point comparing myself either because we all have a different story.

I like your point about the decision to be happy and I have decided to be happy; so I will keep my love for dressing up, laughing with friends, dancing all night and most importantly, celebrating love with those getting married.

My default answer sometimes to "when are u getting married?" is now "ha aunty, keep praying for me" I don't know, but it shuts people up and I love it! lol

Nice post

- Abi