Monday, November 23, 2015

Soul Ties...

 *** Wow, it's been a while! Ha! Thank you to all the people who congratulated me on the birth of my second baby! Its been such a crazy chaotically beautiful busy new era in our lives.  My cup is so on "runneth over" mode! I won't lie, I have been so busy... Motherhood, wifeyhood ( still gotta drop it like it's hot right?) and work... I was tempted to shut the blog down but God no "free" me.  It's been a lot of "Dear Inthes" for a while so  to show my gratitude for your patience, I decided to do a  blog series on soul ties***

Ok, let's get down to it....

                                            ......Soul Ties....

...and the two shall become one flesh. So they are no longer two but one flesh (Mark 10 vs 8).

Soul Ties..
Have you heard of them?  Yeah, me too. Actually, I've gone a step further and actually witnessed it in a very close friend of mine. I bet if you asked a hundred people what a soul tie is, you'll probably get a hundred different definitions; here's mine:  a soul tie is a situation where one person is in an emotional obsession with another to a point of mental,  physical or spiritual harm. Now  I say an " emotional obsession" because they don't have to be in a relationship to be in a soul tie. A girl can be obsessed with her ex and a guy with someone else's wife. Here's an example I wrote about a while back; oh by the way, here's an update on  Labake... She finally left her man, is remarried and just had a baby a few months ago. She is beyond happy!  It's taken God, the love of a good man and a journey of grace to bring her to this point; the point of freedom. By the way, until recent, her ex-husband was still asking her to come back "home".

 Laura and I have imprisoned each other

When you are on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication just to cope in a relationship, girlfriend you're in a soul tie! Before you tell me that's too far fetched  to be true,  it happened to my cousin. Once upon a time, a young naïve girl threw caution ( and sense...and God's word... and all advice...I could go on but I digress) to the wind and fell in love...hard....very hard... with a boy all wrong for her.  With actions and promises...the deeper  she fell, the tighter the bond; the soul tie.

Have you ever heard of a girl too in love with her ex to move on, even though the ex is now married with children? Yeah? That's a soul tie!

The dilemma is this; love is strong, powerful and passionate, how does a girl know if she's in love or in a soul tie?

C Family

 Let's look at an analogy....

Floods are strong. They will do what they are called to do. They don't know mother or father...they have an agenda and they complete it.  Agreed? ok, let's move on.

What would happen if I could harness the power of a flood and release it on a dry and barren land? It will overwhelm the dryness and bring life to the area. Did it do it because I asked it too or because it felt sorry for me? No! It did it because it is a flood and that's what floods do.


What would happen if I released the same flood over a market? It would totally decimate the place right? but why? Doesn't it care that it is destroying things? Nope! it's doing what its created to do.

Inthe, what's your point?

                                                  .... Calm down and wait for it.

Let me tell you.. Whether you are in a God destined relationship, or in a relationship with Lucifer himself...Love is, and will forever remain strong. It can kill you just as quickly as it gives you wings. it can shield you from the fires of hell or deliver you directly into it.  it can make you wish a day never ends just as quickly as make you pray never to see another one. I kid you not... Love is that powerful. The only thing that makes it good or bad is who you are sharing it with.

( I sense a tangent coming on...bear with me)

 God is Love

Why is love that strong? because God himself is Love. Period. Plain and simple. So you can take that love and use the force and strength of it to propel you further or abuse that love and find that same strength destroying you.

Ok, let's go back to soul ties.

So what causes Soul ties? How do they start? Let's talk about it.

Let me "loud" this one for you...

One of the greatest instigators of soul ties is sex. The almighty sex. I'll be blunt, I loved the hubster before we got married but I truly fell in love with him after we started having sex. There, I said it! Don't be shocked about it; and its not because of the physicality of it ( uhm, although that helps... *hides face*) more influential is the spiritual aspect of it.
 Ferguson Solidarity March NYC 11-25-14

Let me tell you and tell you bluntly, having sex with another human being creates a soul tie. I know my generation is famous for casual sex and we like to act like sexing anything that moves is some kind of accolade or something to be proud of but while you're uselessing your body for a few moments of pleasure, you're creating everlasting soul ties.
 Where there's smoke, there's fire. They are soulmates

  Remember that example with the river? Yeah? Ok, replace  the word river with sex.  Sex is a force you can use for your benefit or you can watch destroy you.

Yes, you heard right,

       ......destroy you.
                                                                                        ( to be continued.....)

Musings from atop the potter's wheel....


Deborah Dike said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

Welcome back and Congrats on your newborn! Lovely post... can't wait for the continuation. Thanks.
@ Deborah Dike, I sight u ....

Tamie A. said...

Looking forward to reading more on this.

grace said...

Wow... this was really good. Looking forward to part 2.

1 + The One said...

Thank you for this InThe! God has blessed you with such great wisdom.. I love the way you tackle and break down issues..

Please where is Part 2?

Love to your family xxxx

In the midst of her said...

@Deborah: Thank you sis!
@Anony 1: Thank you my dear, I won't keep you waiting long
@Tamie: Hey there! It is coming, don't worry!
@Grace: Thank you so much for reading.
@1+: Amen! Thank you for your support. Part 2 is loading!

Anonymous said...

Hmmn..Powerful piece. abt sex,before I married my husband,i wasn't really in love. After having sex,i still do not connect with him 'in a way'. But i do connect with the guy i first fell in love with. We wer never intimate. We were together for 8months,we broke up 2007 after i was raped( by a stranger) he was my life,i was his. We planned to get married,but after the incident,i had to stay cleer of any relationship. So we decided if it was the will of God,we will come back together and get married. We never did. I got married last yr(7 yrs later) I waited everyday for me to return. I dated my husband for 4yrs before getting married cos i felt he was the one God was leading me to. My first love entered a new relationship 6 yrs after we had broken up. We hold each other dear in our hearts. I do not place him above my home or husband. We rarely communicate to avoid recalling the past. Sometimes,i feel i should have married him. My husband has hit me abt 4 times. I forgive him. We all make mistakes. Am i tied to my first love? Was he my soul mate? I remember a month to my wedding,my hubby and i went for a prayer meeting. The man of God asked me what happened to my previous relationship and who had ended it. I gave a close end answer. Sometimes i wish i had pressed futher. Inthe,this is a lil of my story.

Eniola Prentice said...

hmm inneresting read. :) I believe the act of sex is a soul tie. i don't necessarily believe that a girl/guy who is in love with somebody and cant move on is in a soul tie. it means he/she was truly in love. it is an emotion that changes your neurophysiology, your hormones everything. not to be too scientific :) but studies have likened being in love to obsession. That's why one makes rash decisions.

Anonymous said...

In The, thanks for not closing the blog on and congratulations on baby two.
You couldn't be more right on soul ties and yes SEX is a major route to it.
I know its hard and sometimes our bodies betray us, but its essential to wait till marriage before engaging in it.