Sunday, January 10, 2016

My name is Inthe... and I'm a Farmer.

Happy New Year folks! Wow, where did 2015 go?

 Happy new year

Last year was absolutely crazy beautifully chaotic and it was truly God and the love of a good man that brought me through. Last year, I became a small business owner! Yay! The hubster is laughing at me because I have a grand total employee of 1; but who cares? it's mine! I made the hubster the CFO and pay him in food and sex. LOL.  Also, you guys know I had a new baby as well.  It's been a balancing act but I wouldn't have it any other way. Last year, I tried something new.... I started answering my "Dear Inthe...Q's" over the phone. Ha! what was  I thinking? In my head, I thought discussing  their problems over the phone and putting a "voice" to Inthe might help. Ha! Some call sessions went well, and some "not so well". Let's just say I'll keep emailing and leave the phone calls for now.
 Day 348 Domestic Goddess

In keeping with tradition, every year, I pick a personal theme for my role as wife and mom. In previous years I've been everything from an architect to an investor and being able to focus on a goal a year has been so fruitful. This year I want to be a farmer. Not too sexy right? I know, but it is the epitome of what I want to be.   To be a bit more specific, I want to be a nurturer.  God has blessed me with 2 little seedlings ( Little man and baby boy) that need a caring and nurturing hand in order to develop into what they were made to be. I want  my focus to be on providing all they need to develop into physically, spiritually and emotionally healthy children. I want to be present in the moments of their lives.  I want my home to be emotionally save and a haven from the world.
seedling in shell

  I also have a strong tall, iroko tree to care, that's the hubster.
No matter how strong a man is, there are provisions only his woman can give and I want to be able to give it with ALL that I am. I want to nurture those traits that make him the man I love and encourage the fruits to expand and multiply. We women are the thermometers of our home and can easily influence how " hot" or cold" the home is. If the hubster comes home tired or upset about a situation, I've come to realize how easily I can improve his mood and when little man falls and runs to me, my hugs and kisses are enough to make things right. In embracing my role of a helpmeet, God has given me an understanding of how powerful I truly am.

MK like first in love

One last thing, my girlfriend Eziaha brought to my attention that my posts have been geared more towards single and it seems I've forgotten my married readers. I objected till I did a personal audit and realized she was absolutely right. I apologize to my married readers oooo. This new year will bring more posts geared towards marriage and keeping our homes  a thing of joy ( ...and envy)

Let's do this year right... to the glory of God

...Musings from atop the potter's wheel...

Ps....Did you notice I'm trying out color pics and not the usual black and white ones? LOL!


Jennifer A said...

Yes to Inthe posts for us married folks....giggles. lOVE YA Inthe!!!!

E' said...

One of the major reasons I love you and your blog is you pass across such strong messages with short posts. I would have written 6pages on this. Haha. But diversity spices up life. Honey, thank you for crystallising my thoughts and the very essence God has called me into (yes this year but also going forward). Nurturing!!! I am working on a post, Titus 2 woman, and you just brought life to that post for me with this. We women are soooo powerful, my goodness!!! Sad thing is we reduce the efficacy of this power soooo much when we leave what we have been called to do and get into stupid comparison and competition with men. Stupid!!! And I mean that- STUPID!!! Whether as a FT housewife or career wives/moms, our roles as wives remains powerful!!! Cheers to maximising our roles mama...proudly!!! PS: I am a stalker when I like som'in. I can possibly pick out the craziest details/stuff you overlook. So please don't argue with me. Haha. I noticed the pictures and I love the pop it brings to your dark_themed blog. Waiting for our post!!! Haha. E' (

Adedotun Adejoorin said...

Happy new year Dear Inthe. It does not really matter how many employees you have now, your business will grow. I wish you all the best in grooming all that is yours.

Akibo Tomilola said...

Me I loved and appreciate the call!!!!

Yay to married posts :)

Happy New year Inthe. COngratulations on the new business!

1 + The One said...

You were calling people?!

Haaa InThe!! You and I need a 'Dear InThe' moment! Yes please!

I thank God for your life and what He did in 2015! I love the idea of having a personal theme and Farmer is wonderful. You make me look forward to marriage... Thank you!

Love you loads and have a truly memorable 2016! xxxxx

sayedero enytan said...

Happy new year inthe!

Anonymous said...

When I introduced my friend to the blog, she complained about the black and white pictures and I told her to ignore 😃😃 happy new year inthe🙌, And well yaay to all posts😃

SoldtoChrist said...

Happy New Year Inthe.
Somehow am not surprised that you have taken up farming. Iwo naa lo to be.
Your blog really resonates with me a Iot. Keep on the good work. Loooooove ya.

In the midst of her said...

Jennifer: *wink*
Tomi: You did? Hmmm. Ok Lol
E: I hear you loud and clear! You speak my mind!!!
Toun: Abi? Na my own sha!! *Hugs*
1+: you are too sweet! Happy new year love! You and I are destined to meet.
Enny baby : Happy new year too!!!
Anony1: What is wrong with black and white? abeg pls!! its classy lol
Sold2Christ: Luv ya too!!! Thank you so much for the encouragement.

Mitchell Awah said...

Happy New Year Inthe! Wish you and your family the very best. Yes yes and yes to the marriage posts!! I'm single but i love reading your marriage posts. They maje ne look forward to marriage instead of being apprehensive about it as I'm wont to do. It was reading your blog that made take a deep breath and say "this marriage thing. You can do it. Just keep calm and trust God". So i might be single, but you best believe i'm taking down mental notes for the future lol. God bless you.