Monday, July 11, 2016

Open Letter....

**Its been a while! I apologize but life has been happening at ultrafast supersonic speed and I’ve been holding on for dear life. I keep getting notifications of people still following me on twitter and I’m like “Me dat haven’t posted in 10 years” but praise God for his grace. Thank you to everyone who emailed, tweeted and such both asking of me and encouraging me to put up a post. So MUCH has changed in my personal life and there are some things I would love to share. Let me first sha, throw this post up and by his grace, I will be back soon with a update post. Much love and his blessings to you all***.

John 8 vs 32...Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Dear Sis,
Thank you for writing to me. I remember the first time I posted a "Dear Inthe Q" and the first time you ever wrote to me. I thank you and bless God for a chance to be used by him. Although, it has always been the other way round, today, I am taking the initiative in writing to you.

All Stamped Up with No Place to Go

A few things have been on my heart and I really want to share with you. As always, I pray God's words, not mine, be spoken. Isn't love and marriage the craziest of things? That is exactly what I want to share with you. I have noticed a lot of falsehood being shared as truth and I want to remind you of the things we have discussed through the years.

1)Love should not hurt
Sorrows of a Broken Heart

I know mommy and aunty might have told you that some pain in love is normal; I've been told the same. He might hit you or hurt you with his words or control you with fear but such things have always been and will always be. Sis, that is not true. You can enjoy a life of love without pain or fear. You hide your bruises and stay with your boyfriend because you think the purity of your love or the frequency of sex will change him someday but if he hurts you now, he will, without fail, hurt you then. Marriage in of itself has nothing to offer you but what you put into it.

2)Sex without a ring is sin
I know you tried to wait but he's been pushing you and your friends laughing at you. On good days, he tells you if you really love me, you would be willing to express it.  On bad days, he accuses you of giving it to someone else. If that's not hard enough, your friends shame you calling you SU, old school or Mother Teresa.  Truth is, they wish they had what you have. Sis, let me remind you that any form of sex i.e. vaginal, oral or anal is a sin.  Be it the first day you meet or the night before your wedding; regardless, unless vows are exchanged. It is a sin. Don't believe the hype that commitment  is the same thing as a ring or loyalty can replace wedding vows. Know yourself and whom it is you’re promise.

3)You are incomplete without a ring
Loving You
This is probably the biggest lie of all. I know you turned 30 yesterday. Amid the cake and festivity, there were also tears. You are 30 without a ring or even a suitor on the horizon. Yes your career is on track, personal ministry on point and have had the joy of fulfilling friends and relationships but the constant reminder is that you, accolades and all, are still single. You may think its easy for me to say, as I’m married with children, but also remember that I speak from experience. Regardless of what the world tells you, remember that You....YOU, are enough, plain and simple. You are the apple of your father’s eye and if you only had a glimpse of what he has in store for you, it would take your breath away. Love yourself and all the odds and ends you contain. Find your worth in his love and not the rubbish the world spits at you.

I love you... and you know where to find me.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post

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Finally!!! I keep checking every week to see if you've posted

Tessy Onyia said...

Nice write-up, great post too.

Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken said...

Always speaking the truth. stopping by to say hello!

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Nice One..

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Nice Piece

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We miss you

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InThe just so you know that some of us still pop in here sometimes hoping you are back.
Its been exactly one year and two months today since your last post