Thursday, July 04, 2019

5 Questions We Need To Stop Asking Rape Victims.

This past week, like many of you, I watched the Busola Dakola/Coza saga unfold online and to be honest,  I am more shocked by the church's response than the allegations themselves.

He said there was nothing wrong with wanting to have sex with HIS wife.

In this episode of the IntheMidstofher podcast, I break down my feelings on the subject and present 5 questions we really need to stop asking rape victims.

Spoiler: We, the church, are partly to blame.


Anonymous said...

Hi inthe. How do we view old posts? I can no longer see old posts on your blog.

IntheMidstofher said...

Yes, the old posts are down but don't fret. I am converting my old posts into podcast episodes. Not only will they have the same content, I will also "update" it by adding other gems I've learned about the topic, thus far.