Friday, July 26, 2019

Dear Inthe…Can a Married Man Be God's Choice For Me?

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Happy Friday! In this podcast episode, I answer a #DearInthe question about loving a married man.  

Dear Inthe...
One thing I like about you is that you tell the truth. It might not be sweet to the ears but you tell it like it is.  I need your help. I am a divorced mom of twin boys. Once upon a time, I knew a guy who liked me and I liked as well. One night during dinner, he made a comment about my boys and I blew up! After relaxing, coming to my senses and talking it over with my mom, it turns out that I misunderstood him and he was only making a joke. Well, it was too late, we stopped dating, went our seperate ways, only texting once in a while to say "hi" or "happy holidays”.

you have to find your own way out.
Fast forward 2 years and I hear he's married; fast forward another two years and I hear he’s getting divorced for reasons I am not sure of. Co-incidently this coincides with  us becoming closer. We talk a bit more, text during the day and getting back to where we use to be. Inthe…, do you think God is giving me a second chance with this guy? Maybe, this divorce is returning to me something I once lost?
Desert Rose.

Tough one, right? Listen to my advice on the issue and then leave your comments below. Don't forget to follow and share with a friend!

..Godly Love, Godly Marriage and Everything in Between.

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Tessa said...

Hi dearie
Much as I want this to be the man that God is sending you.

I don't believe that He is.
Here's why
God's character
God is a good God
He is good to you and He will never send you another woman's husband to be your gift.
Pray to God and yield to His word
God always knows what is best for us
because He sees tomorrow

I believe in seed sowing but much more I believe that God checks your heart.
Send the man away not because he's a snake but because you want to please God

God says none will lack their mate so trust that God is sending you the right man. Trust Him