Monday, July 08, 2019

New beginnings; but first, an introduction.

When I started this blog 13 years ago, I was in a very dark place.  I had just had my heart broken and battling the depression of it while trying to maintain good grades in school. I would finish 10-12 hr days of intense lectures only to go back to my room and literally cry myself to sleep. I was alone, confused and very newly saved. As you can assume, I had questions for God -- lots of them.  

IntheMidstofher started out as an outlet; a place to write down my struggles, questions and answers as God gave them. It gave me a place to journal all the things I was learning about myself, about love, life and  my walk with God. I guess it was a virtual diary of sorts - but nothing more.

Well that “nothing more” has somehow transformed to a public display of my journey from a insecure, broken hearted girl to a fiercely-independent single woman, deeply in love with God to wife, mother and “semi reluctant” Christian mentor. I have always wanted this “space” to be safe for others who had questions on the “all of the aboves” pertaining to biblical womanhood and God has somehow used my journey to touch and teach in a very 2 Cor.1 vs 14 -ish way. I am humbled to have women and men writing to me for advice and sharing testimonies of how God has encouraged them through my words.

As many have noticed, I have not posted on my blog for quite a bit. For the last few months, I have been struggling with the dissatisfaction that comes with my anonymity. I am no longer satisfied with the “muted” and restrained way I interact with you all and have prayerfully sought the next junction not only for this blog, but for IntheMidstofher as a whole. After a deep self audit, I realize that the only thing holding me back, well, is me. With this in mind, I have decided to go all out -- to step out in the freedom God had given me but I’ve been to scared to accept.

I truly think it’s time for you to know me.  I have so much in store for IntheMidstofher and what better way to reintroduce my blog than to, well... introduce myself.

*...Takes a deep breath....*

Hello there! My name is Toyin Adekola, and it’s nice to meet you. I hope you will join me on this new journey. 

I am also very excited to announce that I have launched the "IntheMidstofher Podcast", now available on iTunes and Spotify. I encourage you to check it out, subscribe and show some love. As many of you know, I am already on twitter but you can also now find me on Instagram.

Even though we are now on a first name basis, please still feel free to call me “Inthe…” As long as God is in the midst of me, I will ALWAYS be Inthemidstofher.


Jennifer Abayowa said...

Dear Inthe,

What an incredible journey. I am so excited about your new podcast and just this new phase that God has set you up in. I applaud you as one of your biggest cheerleaders. Woot woot. So excited. I'll, hopefully, get to share your podcasts and Blogs, and I am pretty sure God has amazing testimonies coming up from many women who will listen and read.


Anonymous said...

Yay!!!!!! Haven't been here in a while. Good to put a face on it, what's your instagram handle please?

IntheMidstofher said...

@Anonymous: Thank you!!! My handle is "IntheMidstofher"

Jennifer: Thanks, sis!

Anonymous said...

nice to finally meet you!!!! what happened to your old posts tho? some of us your old readers like to go back to them from time to time. I was single when i started following you when i was single and it was always interesting to read about marriage from you.

IntheMidstofher said...

Anony#2:Yes, the old posts are down but don't fret. I am converting my old posts into podcast episodes. Not only will they have the same content, I will also "update" it by adding other gems I've learned about the topic, thus far.