Friday, August 16, 2019

Soul Ties...

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In this episode, I share my understanding of this phenomenon; what they are and how to break them.

 Laura and I have imprisoned each other

Spoiler:  A soul tie is a situation where one person is in an emotional obsession with another to a point of mental,  physical or spiritual harm.

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...Godly Love, Godly Marriages and Everything in Between.


Unknown said...

thank you

001 said...

Looking forward to reading more on this.

Anonymous said...

Hmmn..Powerful piece. abt sex,before I married my husband,i wasn't really in love. After having sex,i still do not connect with him 'in a way'. But i do connect with the guy i first fell in love with. We wer never intimate. We were together for 8months,we broke up 2007 after i was raped( by a stranger) he was my life,i was his. We planned to get married,but after the incident,i had to stay cleer of any relationship. So we decided if it was the will of God,we will come back together and get married. We never did. I got married last yr(7 yrs later) I waited everyday for me to return. I dated my husband for 4yrs before getting married cos i felt he was the one God was leading me to. My first love entered a new relationship 6 yrs after we had broken up. We hold each other dear in our hearts. I do not place him above my home or husband. We rarely communicate to avoid recalling the past. Sometimes,i feel i should have married him. My husband has hit me abt 4 times. I forgive him. We all make mistakes. Am i tied to my first love? Was he my soul mate? I remember a month to my wedding,my hubby and i went for a prayer meeting. The man of God asked me what happened to my previous relationship and who had ended it. I gave a close end answer. Sometimes i wish i had pressed futher. Inthe,this is a lil of my story.

Unknown said...

hmm inneresting read. :) I believe the act of sex is a soul tie. i don't necessarily believe that a girl/guy who is in love with somebody and cant move on is in a soul tie. it means he/she was truly in love. it is an emotion that changes your neurophysiology, your hormones everything. not to be too scientific :) but studies have likened being in love to obsession. That's why one makes rash decisions.