Friday, September 13, 2019

Emotional Affairs: When Your Heart is Cheating

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When most people think of affairs or cheating, they think of physical infidelity. Well thats only one part of it. Do you know that you can cheat on your partner without even touching another person? It is called emotional affairs and in this episode I define and discuss them but also share how to safeguard your heart and relationships from them.  Two Timer!!!
Spoiler: You may not physically cheat, but you could still be the most unfaithful person on this earth.

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...Godly Love, Godly Marriages and Everything in Between.


1 + The One said...

Hmmm.. I've been thinking about this very much recently and praying to God for grace to be wise! And also to be disciplined.

I have been that very 'immature' girlfriend who unwisely uses information given by my boyfriend in a moment of trust, to start acting up and being suspicious *sigh*.. I regret that and I am praying with all my heart not to fall into that pit again..

God bless you INMoH, your posts are always a blessing xx

Anonymous said...

Lol @ 'are you staring at her gums'

I agree with you on this post, emotionally cheating is very real! It doesn't have to get to the physical side before it is termed cheating. No one should take a spouse's place and it also includes having an EXTREME emotional tie with like siblings, parents, close female friends etc above one's spouse.

Anonymous said...

I just got blessed. My views exactly. Its frustrating trying to get a person to understand that infidelity doesn't start and end with sex. The looks, touch, preference etc says a whole lot to the 3rd party.

Eziaha said...

We really have a connection. Had this convo with a friend just now. Got home, refreshed your blog and saw this.
On point... Majorly on point...

Uche Okonkwo said...

A toothless fetish, lol.

This is all very true. I'm not the easily distracted type, but I've recently done things that I never thought I would, so more and more I'm coming to a place where I'm learning to depend on God's grace. And yeah, this is something I plan on working toward in my next relationship, cos in some ways it's easier to cheat emotionally and comfort oneself by saying, well I haven't done anything.

IntheMidstofher said...

1 Plus: it is a very delicate situation, we need to learn our men’s flaws but in order to help not use it against them. It is easier said than done and takes a LOT of grace.

Anony #1: Useless example abi? Don’t mind me jare! Hmm, you took it a level deeper with the “siblings and parent’s thing”. its def an area I struggle with cuz I am SUPER close to my family.

Anony #2 : Amen! and thanks for the blog love. Grace is much much needed for this whole marriage thing!

Nne: You and me baby!!!

Uche: and God will def grant you that grace! * Hugs*

olamsy said...

This is a master piece. writing out of my head is what i think you did here.

IntheMidstofher said...

Olamsy: Thank you!

Blessing said...

6 to 7 kids, wow! That's rare in this day and age but I'd say GO for it!...with Oga's permission of course, lol

Lol with the nollywood movies, I feel u...I'm pretty much done with all of em' unless u can recommend any?

U said h*"" no when u met ur hubby? Hmmm I can relate...hehe

Nice reading from u as always!