Friday, October 18, 2019

Dear Inthe…How Long Should I Wait For Her?

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Dear Inthe…

waiting, waiting, waiting

I asked a female friend to be my girlfriend with the intentions of moving towards marriage and she's said she needs time to think about it. Even though I am serious about her and want to marry her, I’ve been waiting for months. How long should I wait for her?
The Saint

That's a tough one! The matters of the heart can be so complicated. Find out my answer to his question.

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Molara Brown said...

I totally agree with all the points you have listed here...I am in this same situation as the girl and I think my major problem now is that the man in question is all up in my face...I hope I make the right decision soon.

As for time, I really cannot say how long or short he should wait...but he should not be waiting for a year.

Myne said...

Inthe, I think you've said it all. The fact is that if a lady takes too long without any strong reason, it could be she's not interested but doesn't know how to say No. Saint should ask for a final answer, and then give her some space.