Friday, October 11, 2019

What Love isn't...

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Love is the ultimate goal in relationships but would you recognize it if you found it? Many people think they know what love is, but unfortunately, find themselves betrayed by their feelings. In this episode, I discuss 5 things people often mistake for love and challenge listeners to see love the way our heavenly father sees it. True Love Waits

Spoiler: Love is hard, love takes work, Love hurts but through it all, Love is BEAUTIFUL!

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...Godly Love, Godly Marriages and Everything in Between.


Oluwaseun S. said...

Thanks for sharing this post I like the fact that you explained that love is an action not an emotion. It makes a lot of sense.

But, I think a lot of people mistake love to be an emotion, that's why there's a lot of people getting divorced nowadays. Those people see love as emotion, that's why when they get frustrated or whatever, they want to quit and move on.

Well, love is not a lot of things we think it is.

Unveilinggold said...

Lovely @ emotions..

Anonymous said...

Absolutely loved all the points! LOL @ 'don't agree-understand"

Jemima said...

This is so apt, love is indeed ad oing word , its not passive at all..,i always tell myself that i have to love my hubby unconditionally, i try to use the love i have for my kid as a yardstick..i think those of us that have children can relate to this your kids upset you, infuriate you, make you laugh, make you happy, sometimes you have to punish them.. but you would take a bullet for them in a heart beat ..that's love , if i am to surpass that for my hubby whom i did not birth,you better believe i need God to help me love his is the very essence of God!

Jennifer A. said...

The part where you asked "All your life, have you lived with one emotion?" got me cracking up. Lol. So plain to see when you put it that way.

Nenyenwa said...

:) lovely post and echoed

Abi Tobi said...

:) I love the first reason the best.. and then attention...

Please what is love??? :)

btw: I am going to write about why people decide to postpone sex till marriage... please stay tuned

Unknown said...

This is deep! Thanks for sharing ma :)