Friday, December 20, 2019

Soulmates: Truth or Myth?

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Soulmates; we've all heard the term but have you asked yourself if they truly exist?

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In this podcast episode I discuss the concept and give my personal opinions on why I believe it to be a flawed notion.

I would love to hear your thoughts…

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1 + The One said...

Thanks for this... I used to believe in soul mates aka the one *a loong time ago* but through messages and things, my eyes have been opened!
Like you said, believing in the concept of soul mate makes one lazy in relationships because the belief is that as long you meet 'The One', things will fall into place... Wrong! lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Inthe...Its KF!!!
1st of all, sorry for the silence since your last email. Life rose on the way and I didn't take the time to get back to you after your last email: THANKS for your help, I really appreciate the time you took for me.

Now, to THE topic: I do believe in soulmates. Not in the sense of "1 person with whom you get along so well that it will cost you nothing". More in the sense of "1 person with whom every fights to become and then remain ONE deeply worth it".

I believe that as Iron sharpens Iron, there is ONE that would be able to sharpen me for the better, helping me to become more and more who I really am: God's original design. And there is ONE that I would be able to sharpen towards the best version of him also. God's unique dream.

Maybe I am just an hopeless romantic, but I really think that I am the better half of 1 and only 1 person in the whole world; And that he is walking around there with my missing rib and the POWER of God, is to be able to connect the 2 of us out of more than 6 billions of human beings. I see the meeting, recognition and then marriage process as one GLORIOUS miracle as statistically, there is 1 chance out of 6 billions that I meet "him"...And I don't even consider other parameters like the fact to be in the right circles, at the right season, with the right heart etc.

Moreover, I believe that we are all unique, and that God has a special plan, specific one, for each and every one. I believe that when you choose a husband, you choose to submit to him to help him accomplish a predefined divine mission (and in the process, fulfilling your own destiny): I can't believe that about a key topic as marriage in one's life, God is just like "if you choose A, then you'll get to destiny 1, and if it's B, then it will be destiny 2, and if it's Z then, you'll finish at destiny 1000";..I really BELIEVE that even in that area, God has a very specific plan. Now, I think that to find the way leading to that perfect "destiny partner", you must NOT look out for the guy, but look out for the kingdom of God in every aspect of your life...The light of Jesus will light up your way, and you'll faithfully find him.

That's being said, as a christian, I do believe in second chance too: If I miss him or he miss me, then we will find other people to be our "one and only". But with those, the sharpening process will be a little more difficult...There will be useless fights at some point, as we were not "meant to be one" in the first place. God will do us grace, BUT there will be a price to pay somehow.

So in the "one", I am more concerned about the ultimate purpose and outcome of the relationship, than its softness and comfort if it makes sense...

Abi Tobi said...

hmm i don't know.. I believer in love tho