Friday, February 21, 2020

Dear Inthe, I Broke His Heart Once; Now I Want a Second Chance.

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This week I answer a #DearInthe Q from a woman who wants a second chance at love lost. 

Dear Inthe…
First of all, thanks for your words of wisdom, which are always highly appreciated over here! I hope that you'll have the time to address my question. Its about love, finding the one, Godly courtship etc. I am a 25 YO girl, living in Belgium, and coming from Congo.  I had a guy friend, let’s call him B, who has been interested in me for the last 3 years but because of m personal baggage and past hurts, I wasn’t interested.

"Sitting naked by the phone..."

Now, with God’s healing and resolution of my past issues, I am ready o be with him and I actually believe he is God’s chosen for me; unfortunately, he has become MIA lately. He makes up dates but never sees them through and he calls so erratically now. We were actually supposed to have a date right before the new year but closer to the date he became MIA and never confirmed things.  And after fighting against it, I’ve come to realize it would be the best thing ever for me to be with B and because of this, all other men are just irrelevant to me leaving me completely without any suitors right now. I am crazy??


Should she try and fight for him or just let go? What would you do? Leave your comments below.

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Unknown said...

Wow! This was an interesting read! I've never heard of "Pull a Ruth", but I like your explanations and warnings.

It's true that if a man and a woman likes each other, they know. No one has to guess it. The'chemistry' is always there.

KF, I wish you the best. In all you do, take it to God in prayer. He's there to answer your call.

Thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Inthe, I want to contact you for some sisterly advice. What's your email address please? The link on the right that says to contact you is broken. Thanks.

IntheMidstofher said...

Seun: where there's chemistry, you feel the heat abi? Lol.

Anony: It would be my pleasure!! I will be expecting

Olaedo said...

Great advice!
I think that 'Pulling a Ruth' also works in marriage, to reignite the fire and remind him of what was and still could be :)

Myne said...

I like your take on the bible passage with Ruth and Boaz. I hope it all works out for KF.

Anu said...

Dear Inthe
is there anyway we can get an update on KF? I'm rooting for her. i hope it worked out

Ife.O said...

Interesting...hmmm I'm curious though, what is wrong with a woman initiating?

IntheMidstofher said...

Ife: There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with a woman initiating but it really depends on what you mean by initiating. I'm not a fan of women aggressively approaching men and "toasting" men nor do I think a woman has to sit back and hope the guy she likes looks her way.
If you listen to my "Pulling A Ruth" series, I share ways a woman can let her interest in a guy known without giving over the responsibility of initiating. I am a fan of women being available but I believe that men are supposed to do "hard things" and that includes making the first move. Thanks for listening.