Friday, March 20, 2020

Dear Inthe...I Am Done With This Marriage!

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Dear Inthe,
I read some messages on hubby's phone and realized he's been trawling about for a relationship with females on his contact list.I have confronted him but he vehemently denies it, the issue here is that i am thinking of leaving him because I cant stand the thought of sharing my husband with a strange woman; the thought of it makes me physically ill.

Breakup emotional counseling

Some time ago i found lots of condoms in his car and I asked him the purpose of them cos we do not use them. After our fight he has moved his things into our spare room with the excuse that he doesn't want it to be empty. I feel so rejected and I have told him that I am not happy in the marriage; only for him to say if i'm tired I can pack my things and leave. Right now,  I don't know what to do because I can’t continue like this!I cry myself to sleep everyday. I have thoughts of reporting him to his reverend father because he goes to church everyday without fail.  What am I to do?

Heart Broken

Wow! This is a difficult situation to be in. Guys, leave some advice for her in the comment section.

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Tomi O said...

Wow! This is a very hard place to be and my heart goes out to this person. I pray the Lord will give you the strength you need in this time. Like inthe said, I don't think it will be wise to make decisions based on assumptions. Talk to him and also the advice on who to bring into the discussion when it's beyond you. It has to be someone he respects absolutely or else it's going to be a futile effort. Above anything anyone has to say is God's leading. I pray HE continues to guide you and lead you in the right path at this time.

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to HB.
I am not married yet,however I've worked with couples going through divorces numerous times. Couples with and without kids. My dear, it's not easy!...The anger, hurt and disappointment they go through is better imagined. Some of them come out happier on the other side, but once kids are involved, it's a different ball game entirely. The emotional impact is not fun too, I've seen it.
What am I trying to say? Please think seriously about a divorce before you start the process. I'm not trying to sway you to stay, but just to get you to think about the impact of a divorce during the pendency of the divorce and possibly the aftermath if you have children.

I'll pray for you HB, the Lord be with you and grant you peace in this season.

phebe said...

Dear Inthe...
I know ure on babes redefined (I hope u haven't left) you're a great counsellor, and u can help by jus posting the link to ur blog where u AV similar advice to an issue. Thanxxxxxx

IntheMidstofher said...

Tomi: Amen! Great advice sis.

Anonymous: Absolutely! Great advice

Phebe: BabesPhebe! Yes I am on babes redefined. I will try to post my links more often. I also have a facebook page where I post my links.