Friday, March 13, 2020

My Marriage; Lessons Learnt So Far....

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In this episode, I  invite you into my marriage and share with you things I have learned so far about marriage and personal tips that I have used to make my marriage bloom.
#MarchIsForMarriages #Transparency

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...Godly Love, Godly Marriages and Everything in Between.


Ife.O said...

OMG!!! Inthe... you just sneaked back here. Haha, It's good to have you back. You were missed, and I unfortunately couldn't keep up with you on Twitter as well; as I think you blocked me :-( Haha
Can't wait to see more posts from you. In the meantime though, I have been re-reading old posts from you.

IntheMidstofher said...

Blocked you ke?

Unknown said...

Happy to have you back and cheers to being Intentional!

Anonymous said...

Hello dearest sis, welcome back its great to have you back and i shall keep my eyes peeled for all your new posts as they are greatly appreciated. congratulations on your baby girl wow i love the way you just added the surprise right there in the midst of the blog. May you be blessed and enjoy your blessings amen. such wonderful tips you offer here which i know most of us can learn from and apply. I also hope that some husbands who get to read this post will also become 'intentional' in how they speak and treat their wives. For example If a women has been home all day looking after children, cooking,cleaning and the husband comes home and instead of just appreciating the women he starts to nag then that is a big passion killer. Words hurt and linger and i believe both husbands and wives should continually speak life over each other and show appreciation. I really really enjoyed this and i shall share with friends. Love Mamablogbygrace

Unknown said...

So cute how you and your kids welcome him after work!
Recently I've been rethinking the whole marriage thing, I 've seen so many marriages end-its so scary - Reading this reminded me that Its something I really want so I won't give up hope :)

Modupe (formerly of Hephzibah Bride) said...

Hey!! So glad to see your link to this post show up in my Facebook feed and sooooo timely too as we celebrate our 10th anniversary on Friday. I feel just the same as you (life has been a challenge and I'm exhausted!) but I need to implement your strategies.

Glad you and yours are all well - keep the posts coming!

IntheMidstofher said...

Glow: Thank you!

Mamablogbygrace:Amen and right back at you sis. You speak the truth and it is my hope that my posts will be conversation starters between couples.

Sayedero!!! I've missed you girlfriend: Please don't give up hope. Marriage takes work and shouldn't be entered lightly but mehn, with the right person, it is sweet. Hang in there girlfriend and God bless.

Dupsy! Hey Girlfriend! Congratulations!! 10 down and 100 to go. I pray the Lord strengthens and refreshes you. Amen.

Anonymous said...

I have missed your musings;always very insightful.

Mitchell said...

Yayyy Inthe! Great to have you back. Kudos to the hubster for prompting you lol. Congratulations on your baby girl! I also feel that my baby girl, when I have one lol, should be best friends with her daddy too. Great post as usual. Taking notes for the future.

Ololatravels said...

So happy to read from you. What an amazing surprise.
Boy! Have I missed you?
Thank you Lord for laying it into her heart to start writing.

Anonymous said...

InThe is bad and in her usual way she brought it home!!!

Moyosore said...

Omg inthe! You have been MISSED. I’ve been stalking the blog for so long and it’s really nice to see this! Congrats on your anniversary!!!
Hope to see more posts from you!

Unknown said...

Welcome back InThe... really missed hearing from you. Not married yet but definitely keeping all these in my mind. Thanks for always pouring of yourself

Jennifer A. said...

I loved this! I love a good marriage podcast, haha.

The struggling of juggling EVERYTHING is truly something that requires the help of God. Intentionality is golden since our men can't read our minds (awesome word!). The part where you discussed the kids shouting, "Daddy, daddy" and the song they sing warmed my heart so much and made me grin so wide. Awwww...MY HEART!

Our marriages are a blessing but because of the many caps we wear, good reflections are often lost. These types of reflections and lessons learned give us a full perspective of what we've achieved, what God is proud of us about, and a taste of what we can do better in the future.

I love that you "audit" your marriage all the time. Lol. We can't just "YAMA YAMA" or "WURU WURU" our way to the answer. LOL. This was good for the soul. We need ANOTHER FULL MONTH for marrieds. Lol.