Friday, April 17, 2020

Dear Inthe, My Parents Dont Approve Of My Relationship.

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Hello Inthemidstofher,

I have been admiring how God-centered your advice has always been. I always thought that if I had a relationship dilemma, I would like the input of a Biblical centered sister as yourself to advise. I've met someone and unlike me, he is from a broken family and he is still coming up in his career. Together, we have been praying together in our relationship and we have had ups and downs and I have seen him stick to his words, I have also seen in him a desire to keep growing in his relationship in Christ - while he isn't always in Church, he does believe in Christ and he has encouraged me during down times either emotionally, when I need prayers or just someone to carry my groceries, run errands etc.


Now comes my dilemma, my mother and father do not want this relationship.  I know I am to honor my parents, I also believe that one way God can speak to us is through our families, so I keep wondering if this is a sign of God's disapproval of my relationship*. 
Wondering heart
*Edited for privacy and brevity

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Unknown said...

I love this.
What does God think is the paramount question she has to ask herself and answer?
Honestly! If God tells me yes about somebody, you can bet I will not listen to what anybody says except God.
Even my pastor or parents. One thing God has taught me is to listen to what he tells me directly, because that is the most reliable communication. I would have made the gravest mistakes of my life if I had listened to some " men of God".

God does not lie. He created us, and he wants us to get the best if we obey him.
Even when I like someone and I pretend not to hear the "No", God repeats it so that he is clear.
I am like whyyyyyyyyyyyyy Lord! Lol. Just kidding.
I don't try to panel beat anything. And i tell everyone firmly, God says No. Finito.
As in he told ME no! And that's what counts. Because it's my marriage.
No body ain't telling me who my husband is except God.
So as I said, the moment God says yes ehn! That's it. No time to doubt or waste. Or second guess.

She didn't mention if she has prayed about it and what God says. If God says yes, things will surprisingly work out, God is not an author of confusion.

IntheMidstofher said...

@S2C: Gbam! You have said it all! God does not lie. he speaks, the question is are we listening? Thank you so much for your comment.

Ify said...

Words of wisdom right there, Inthe! At the end of the day, it's God's direction or nothing. May she receive strength to follow through on His instructions because it might be a tough decision to make on her own either way.

Anonymous said...

More wisdom from the Holy Spirit Inthe....I read your response for the poster and it seems the answers were for me as I understand and agree with all you stated.More grace and knowledge on your part...God is God always.

Poster, I pray the good Lord ministers to you in no time, being ignorant of what God wants us to do can be really frustrating and tiring but He is God all by Himself and He will continue to be, He never fails or disappoints, keep your faith and your heart to Him alone and you will find peace in your heart, when you find peace, He has spoken.
God bless,a tight hug!


Anonymous said...

Inthe, I love your advice on putting God first. God first, and everything else will follow in good time. May the Holy Spirit guide her on the right path. Amen. :)

Anonymous said...

hi Inthe..... Magui all the way in france....First of all i need and want to thank God for your "ministry". i can't even remember how and when i found our blog (mind you i am not even but it has really helped me and blessed me...

first of all, i feel the need to address the "broken family" issue... please i think it is not fair to say that someone is from a broken family...i know our "circumstances" can influence the kind of person we become, but are not meant to pay for our parents me saying that someone is from a broken home is the same as calling someone a bastard... so it makes me kind of sad.. and as christians i don't think we should be using this kinf of language.

regarding the writer, i really like the fact that yoy insisted on what God thinks and says to her, not her parents or even herself. she said she is the first born, and till then was more likely to grant all her parents wishes. we know how our parents can be, and to them this relationship may just appear a rebellion, so they may not take her seriously; so this the right time for her to pray and ask for God's guidance. she may be sacred and confused now, because she did not ask to the Father himself, because i believe onc you ask Him, and you get His answer there is a sort peace that just takes over you and you just go Ahead.
i pray she get the answer from Gid , but i also pray she get the boldness to follow it.

please bear with me for all the typos, francophone in the

Ife.O said...

Dear Inthe...where are you? Lol. It has been a while though. So I thought to check in :-)

ndemi said...

When we put God first we can never go wrong