Friday, May 22, 2020

Let's Talk About Sex!

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It seems like my last post about abstinence and celibacy in a relationship resonated with a lot of singles. In this episode, I want to discuss popular misconceptions singles/unmarried people have about the role sex plays in a relationship.

My pen is black, My ink is pale, My love 4 U..had always faile !!

Let's talk about it!

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Unknown said...

REAL Truth. Thanks for sharing this and the encouragement right after. May God see us through.

Let me add to the formular:

Marriage (because its God-ordained) + Communication + Practice + Patience + Practice + Practice + Love + Practice (raise to the power of 5) = Mind shattering Sex!

hahaha... I got that from the many blogs I've read. lol

IntheMidstofher said...

Sir Mi…I hope you understand yoruba cuz mo gba tie jare!!!!

Jaycee (E.A) said...

Loved it! Well written. :)

sugarspring said...

as hit the nail on the head...GBAM!! proving wrong the silly theories give when you tell them premarital sex is wrong or any form of sex outside marriage
it isnt sex that makes you two compatible or makes one know couples know each other well....that should be after the marriage contract has been signed but before then, they are so many ways one can get to know each other.
how come peopla have friends and yet they didnt have to sleep with each other before they became that close
i believe our flesh and the world has a way of making things suite its desires..
Lovely blog ma'am...
mine is at www.

sugarspring said...

this is very nice!!!!!...and you hit the nail so well on the head!!>..GBAM!!! putting silly theories that the world has laid down for people making them feel its Sex that makes you get to know the person well...and that is so NOt how God intended it to was created for married couples alone>>>PERIOD!!>..animals are the ones who have the license to do so without getting married but we have that ability to discern and do what is right
lovely blog and post.already ff u
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Anonymous said...

26 and still on team v, patiently waiting. The perfect time...

Unknown said...

Mo gbo Yoruba ma o. Thank you ma :)

I am not sure I have particularly shared with you why I love your blog. My fiance too is a medical doctor to be and I just love how your life is a good example and how you value your marriage over your career. While my fiance may not be able to follow this blog, I send her every single post on it to read and then we discuss. You're amazing ma. May God continue to use you for us. Keep blessing lives.


1 + The One said...

Loved it! Thanks for the nuggets of wisdom :-)
My favourite is the one that Le Dynamique Professeur highlighted.
I'm getting ready to practice and practice (raised to the power infinity) until we are both experts! lol xx
Also Team V!

Tobiloba said...

word! Well written and engaging

Ajaero said...

Nne, why can't I just hit a LIKE button here on Blogspot
I love the last one
It is NOT rocket science o jare...
That formula you gave is gbam...

Femmetotale said...

"People who have sex before marriage sometimes live in a post sex nirvana where everything is all right or will be all right in time. By the time, their eyes clear… hmmm, its too late."
You're so right! A friend of mine once confessed to me that she realized after he r/ship failed that the major problem was the premarital sex bcos as soon as the sex started she was no longer unable to make logical decisions. In her own words, "when next I want to start a r/ship I'll make sure I keep the sex out so I can think from my brain and not my v***" (keeping out the explicit content) But seriously, abstinence is just best. U avoid unnecessary mistakes.
Great post, dear!