Friday, August 07, 2020

Dear Inthe... Will God make me settle for less?

Dear Inthe,

How are you doing? I've been following your blog and I'm learning a lot about marriage and the waiting period. So, I'm 27 years old, female, single and not in any relationship now. 

You usually say we should be open to what God wants and not have fixed ideas about physical characteristics. I want, above all, a godly 1 Tim 3 kinda man. But there are some things that really get to me, like a guy who can't speak good english or who can't be bothered about his appearance and looks scruffy. I try to look past this though but somehow it never works out with these men. The trouble is I'm meeting too many such guys. 
 Waiting for Godot

My question now is, can God give me a man who can't even construct one proper sentence or is this just a problem of me being in the wrong place? am i being too picky if i say i want a 1 Tim 3 man who dresses neat & smart, and is well-spoken? The guys who ask me out that fit the physical characteristics are married men, so obviously lacking in the spiritual. I really want a godly man, and do not mind the waiting.  

looking forward to your reply.

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E' said...


sometimes these men come in raw materials. Very raw. Dazall they know.

truth is somethings can be taught n learnt.


Debby Dyk said...

I agree with E' tooo

lovely post Inthe... I enjoyed...

Anonymous said...

I have a man in my fellowship that told us how his wife toushed him up real good. She spoke better english and taught him very well... and the other way around too. He taught her somethings too.

Like you said T-shirt can be bought but not salvation.


Tessa said...

Yes you can.

God is trust worthy

and he won't make you or want you to marry someone you are not attracted to.

That is room for adultery...
a no-no in God's kingdom
Adulterers will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Ano said...

Truth! If you keep attracting the same kinda people you don't want to attract check yourself.

Anonymous said...

E' u gorrrrrit! Hehe.
God is not wicked. He will give u your desire. Depending on your walk wt him, he will throw in a curve ball just to "mould" u. However, d entire package will not be repulsive, never fear. DR. N